The speed of a giraffe is 250% of the speed of a squirrel.if a squirrels speed is 12 miles per hour.find the speed of a giraffe


Answer 1
Answer: 250% * 12 = ( 250 / 100 ) * 12 = (25 / 10 ) * 12 = 280 / 10 = 28 the speed of a giraffe ;

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Darius created a factor tree and wrote the prime factorization of 60 shown here.A factor tree of 60. 60 branches to 4 and 15. 4 branches to 2 and 2. 15 branches to 3 and 5.60 = 2 × 3 × 5What is Darius’s error?
Richelle drew hexagon KLMNOP. She thinks that the angles are congruent. How can she show that the angles are congruent without using a protractor?
18= 3/4d + 6I keep getting that d=9 but it doesn't check right plz help
The official length for a race is 26.2 miles how many yards and feet long is the race
A block of wood measures 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 7 inches.what is the volume of the block of wood

Give an example of an area that you would measure in square miles


A town. Hope that helps

David wants to build a pen for his goat. He wants the area of the pen be 48 square feet .if the length and width of the pen are whole numbers which of the following could be the perimeter of the pen.A. P= 26
B. P= 28
C. P= 30
D. P= 36



The reason being said Area is l*w

or length*width

Try 8*6=48 sq ft.

But perimeter is the outer edge..




Thus, B, is your answer.
Alrighty, pretty much, A=bh and P=(b=h)2
If you divide 28 by 6, you are left with 8, making h=6 and b=8
If you plug this in for perimeter, you have 28

The answer is B. P= 28 feet

What property of an even function do you see in this graph?


The required property of the even function that is seen in the graph is f(-x) = f(x).

What are functions?

Functions are the relationship between sets of values. e g y=f(x), for every value of x there is its exists in a set of y. x is the independent variable while Y is the dependent variable.

In the given graph,
The domain of the function is (-∞, ∞),
While the range is all positive real numbers, that implies that the function does not have negative real value, So the function shows that property as,
for all x,  f(x) is positive real number,
f(x) = f(-x)

Thus, the required property of the even function that is seen in the graph is f(-x) = f(x).

Learn more about function here:


The property there is:

f(x) = f(-x).

The value of the function at x values is the same as the value of the function of -x values.

What two numbers equal 28?


it can be a variety of numbers!
10+18 is 28
it's many more ways you can do it

What is 80% of 400? show work


80% of 400

We can set up a proportion because it makes things more clear. 

First, we need to assume that 400 is our '100'. Usually, 100 is our total value. 


Our final answer: 320

of in mathematics means multiplication

80% = 80/100 = 0.8

0.8 * 400 = \boxed{320}

80% of 400 is 320.

Which is greater -4 or 4 plz explain your answer


It would be 4 because it is a positive number
4 is greater than -4 because -4 I 4 numbers under 0 and 4 is 4 greater than 0