Dean is a certified personal trainer, and before taking on new clients, he wants to finalize his pricing plans. One plan is to charge $10 for the initial consultation and then $45 per session. Another plan is to charge $30 for the consultation and $35 per session.


Answer 1
Answer: let a be the cost of the fist plan
b is the cost of the second plan
t is the number of session

a = 45t + 10
b = 35t + 30

solve when will the cost be equal
45t + 10 = 35t + 30
10t = 20
t = 2
after two session plan a will always be more expensive than plan b

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It doesnt have one

Step-by-step explanation:

It is divided by the gretest factor already.

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HELP!!!With working out... what’s the values of a b and c




Step-by-step explanation:

(2x + 1)(ax + b) = 6x² - 5x + c

Expand the left side and put that half into standard form:

2ax² + 2bx + ax + b = 6x² - 5x + c

2ax² + (2b + a)x + b = 6x² - 5x + c

So now look at the x terms. We have "2a" x² on left and 6 x² on right, so:

2a = 6

a = 3

Then look at the x terms, those coefficients will then be equal:

2b + a = -5

2b + 3 = -5

2b = -8

b = -4

and finally, then non-x terms are equal:

b = c

-4 = c


a = 3, b = -4, c = -4

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To solve this problem, you would divide the total number of newspapers by the amount of newspapers per box, in order to find the number of boxes.


There would be 15 boxes.
15 box because 150 divided by 10 is 15 because u take a zero off hope I helped

Alicia bought 4 T-shirts for $23.00. Using the unit rate, how much would 6 T-shirts cost?


Using the unit rate, the amount that the 6 T-shirts cost is $34.50.

First step is to calculate the unit rate

Unit rate=$23.00÷4

Unit rate=$5.75

Second step is to calculate the cost of the  6 T-shirts using this formula

Cost=Unit rate× Number of T-shirts

Let plug in the formula



Inconclusion using the unit rate, the amount that the 6 T-shirts cost is $34.50.

Learn more here:

Try finding what the amount for 1 t-shirt would be: 23 divided by 4. We get 5.75. What we can do next is multiply 5.75 by 2 since we're trying to find out the cost of 6 t-shirts, this gives us 11.5. So now we add 23 to 11.5. We get 34.5. This means that 6 t-shirts would cost $34.50

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