Help!!!!!!!!!!!! I say it is C but I am not sure.
Help!!!!!!!!!!!! I say it is C but I am not - 1


Answer 1
C, raw ingredients because it is imported overseas, so they must manufacture it themselves.
Answer 2
Answer: yep its c because they have to import loads of materials from usa and china so its c

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Question 2In 2016 the nominal GDP for Country X was $330 billion and the GDP deflator was 110. The real GDP for 2016 was


Answer: The real Gdp of country X in 2016 was 272,727,272,727.27


norminal Gdp of country X = 300,000,000,000

Gdp deflator = 110

Real Gdp for country X in 2016 = ?

To get the real gdp, we use the formula below

Real Gdp = (norminal Gdp/ Gdp deflator) * 100

Real Gdp = (300 000 000 000/110) * 100

Real Gdp= 2 727 272 727.27 * 100

Real Gdp = 272 727 272 727.27

Final answer:

The real GDP for Country X in 2016 can be calculated using the formula: Real GDP = Nominal GDP * 100 / GDP Deflator, which gives a result of $300 billion.


The question is asking about the calculation of Real GDP given the Nominal GDP and GDP deflator. The relation between Nominal GDP, Real GDP, and GDP deflator is represented by the formula: Nominal GDP = Real GDP * GDP Deflator / 100.

In the question, we are given that the Nominal GDP for Country X in 2016 was $330 billion and the GDP deflator was 110. By rearranging the formula, we can solve for the Real GDP, i.e., Real GDP = Nominal GDP * 100 / GDP Deflator. Substituting the given values: Real GDP = 330 * 100 / 110. This gives a Real GDP of $300 billion for Country X in 2016.

Learn more about Real GDP here:


How did babylon become rich.


The Babylonians got rich in three ways : they used the fertile land of the Euphrates river valley, they traded commodities with other lands, and they conquered the weaker nearby peoples.

Which New Deal program has been modified by over 20 different amendments?A.Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

B.Social Security Act

C.National Youth Administration

D.Tennessee Valley Authority



B Social Security Act


The Social Security Act was passed in 1935. It was created to help the older generation save money through taxes on their wages. This system is very much still used, although it has been amended over twenty times. And i just did this in study island.

What did the twenty second amendment make constitution law?


The 22nd amendment to the Constitution is : Limitation of Presidential Tenure

Presidents could only serve 2 full terms (8 years)


They could serve a maximum of 10 years. If the President were to get assassinated then the vice president could take over for the remainder of the term the assassinated president had. Then they could chose to run for president once they completed the assassinated presidents term. Hopefully that makes sense and was helpful.  :)

It set a limit for presidency. There can only be two different terms, each are 4 years.

What are the landforms of vermont


valleys,lowlands,mountain and wetlands
hope this helps *wink...*
wetlands, mountains, valleys and lowlands are Vermont's landforms

Warren G. Harding won the 1920 presidential election by promising:



A return to normalcy



he had promised that a vote for Harding was a vote for the league .