What is the lcd of 3/10an -4/15?


Answer 1
Answer: 30 is the lcd, with each number then being 9/30 and -8/30.

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Addition/ Elimination method


4×+7y=-12 __ -4x-y=-12 ________ 0x+6y=-24 , so you eleminated by it self 6y/6=-24/6 , you get : y=-4 and then you plug in 4x+7(-4)=-12 , that's your answer 4x-28 =-12 , you divided in both side 4x=-12+28 , 4x=16 , and then x=16/4 =4 , so x=4

What is circumference if diameter is 14 feet


The circumference is the amount of length around the circle the diameter is the distance across the middle of the circle, first off you need the formulas which are to find the circumference of a circle use the formula C=2 * (pi) * r to find the diameter use the formula D=2 * (pi) and remember that the radius of a circle is the distance from the perimeter of the circle to the center of the circle (half the diameter) so half of 14 equals 7,so in close C= 2 * 3.14 * 7 = 43.96. Enjoy!=)
The circumference of a circle if a diameter is 14 feet is: 43.96

The formula to solve circumference is:
3.14 (pi) × diameter = circumference

Plug in diameter with 14:
3.14 × 14 = 43.96

Hope this helps!

A pile of newspapers in Ms. McGrath’s art class was 17 3/4 inches high. Each consecutive week, for the next 5 weeks, the height of the pile of newspapers increased by 8 7/12 inches. What was the height, in inches, of the pile after 3 weeks?


If you would like to know what was the height, in inches, of the pile after 3 weeks, you can calculate this using the following steps:

17 3/4 inches + 3 * 8 7/12 inches = 71/4 + 3 * 103/12 = 213/12 + 309/12 = 522/12 = 87/2 = 43 1/2 inches

The correct result would be 43 1/2 inches.


x--------> the number of weeks

y--------> the height of a pile of newspapers in inches

we know that

17(3)/(4)=(17*4+3)/(4) =(71)/(4)

8(7)/(12)=(8*12+7)/(12) =(103)/(12)


To find the height after 3 weeks


x=3\ weeks and substitute in the equation



y=43.5\ in

y=43(1)/(2) \ in


the answer is

the height, in inches, of the pile after 3 weeks is 43(1)/(2) \ in

Alison has 1/2 cup of yogurt for making grit parfaits. Each parfait requires 1/8 cup of yogurt. How many parfaits can she make?


Alison can make 4. Because 1/2 of 8/1 = 4 if you cross out 2 and 8 so it would be 1/1 of 4/1

last month you swam the 50-meter freestyle in 28.38 seconds. today you swam it in 27.33 seconds. what is your percent of change?


The distance is the same(50 meters). So we will operate only with numbers 28.38 and 27.33.
The difference is 28.38-27.33=1.05
So the percent of change is (1.05/28.38)*100%≈3.7% 
The answer is 3.7%

.101 as a simplified fraction


The answer is 101/1000

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