"And this?" she went on, leaving the bed hanging in a realm of future possibility. Her headscarf had slipped back, exposing auburn hair glinting above the vapor of her breath, in evanescent present time.She had paused at the chest. Her glance darted at Gordon, and then, receiving no response, at the present owner, looking him in the eyes for the first time. The ogre smiled. "Open it."
"What's in it?" she asked.
He said, "I forget, actually."
Delicately but fearlessly, she lifted the lid, and out swooped, with the same vividness that had astonished and alarmed his nostrils as a child, the sweetish deep cedary smell, undiminished, cedar and camphor and paper and cloth, the smell of family, family without end.
Why does the narrator refer to himself as an “ogre?” What comparison can you draw between how Morna views the narrator and the old objects and how the narrator as a boy viewed similar people and objects?


Answer 1

In this passage, the narrator refers to himself as an "ogre" to convey a sense of intimidation and otherness. It suggests that the narrator sees himself as a formidable and perhaps imposing figure, possibly due to his physical appearance, demeanor, or even his role as the current owner of the chest.

How to o explain the information

By using the term "ogre," the narrator is drawing attention to the power dynamic between himself and Morna, emphasizing his authority and dominance in the situation.

The comparison between how Morna views the narrator and the old objects and how the narrator as a boy viewed similar people and objects is one of perception and fascination. Just as Morna is intrigued by the chest and its contents, finding them filled with the evocative scent of family and history, the young narrator also experienced a similar fascination when encountering similar objects and individuals in his childhood.

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