Which of the following is not characteristic of the public health model?a.
extends the concept of health care beyond the medical model

serves larger populations than individuals

uses a multicausal approach to studying the causes of problems

focuses on the interaction between the individual and the environment


Answer 1


c.  uses a multi causal approach to studying the causes of problems


  • The public health model emphasis on the overall health of the public in contrast to the traditional health model of the individual person and is three prolonged approaches to the public health and tackles diseases as by defining the problems and then identifying the problems and then the development of the tests and strategies and assuring widespread adoption.
Answer 2
Answer: i think this is I think C
hope I helped

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Emma has a leasehold estate interest in large swath of rural farmland. Emma wants to harvest crops on the land as well as cut down and sell the remaining timber on the land. Emma may a. neither cut down and sell the timber nor harvest crops b. both cut down and sell the timer and harvest crops c. cut down and sell the timber but not harvest crops d. harvest crops but not cut down and sell the
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Most of the states in the US have laws based on those found in English common law t or f

How could Benjamin Franklin’s Albany plan of union have solved some of the problems leading up to the French and Indian War?





The correct answer is

The plan could have united the colonies to better defend against the French




First question: Crowded and dangerous

Second question: They were less likely to complain, Employers could pay them less, and they could get into smaller spaces

Why do societies need government? select all that apply?a. to make laws
b. to keep order
c. to train workers
d. to conduct trade
e. to manage money
f. to protect the community
g. to determine religious beliefs



The Correct Answer is A,B and F


  • Governments implement the parameters for daily routine for residents, preserve them from external intervention, and often present for their prosperity and satisfaction.
  • In the latest few hundreds, some statisticians and philosophers have supported government authority over some features of the marketplace.

The correct answers generally considered as reasons why societies need governments are:

a. to make laws

b. to keep order

e. to manage money

f. to protect the community

What are the responsibilities of government

Governments are typically responsible for creating and enforcing laws, maintaining order, managing economic policy, and providing protection to its citizens.

While a government might have a role in aspects of worker training (c) and conducting trade (d) – for example, through establishing policies, regulations, or state-funded programs – these aren't universally recognized as essential functions of government across all societies and political philosophies.

Choice g, to determine religious beliefs, is generally not a function of government, particularly in societies that prioritize freedom of religion. In many democratic societies, there is a separation of church and state, meaning that the government does not interfere with individuals' right to practice their chosen religion.

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Which words and phrases identify the location shown and the events that took place there? Select all that apply.A.
chariot races

Circus Maximus


drama and comedy

gladiator games

mock battles

political debates


A, D, E are your answers for this question

D a drama and comedy I belive

How Social and environmental responsibility could help fight social challenges


They help to ensure the environment is optimally used well and profitable for everyone, especially with sustainable actions.

Society is everyone's responsibility. Humans are the society and for society to be maintained or sustained, everyone has to do their bit by carrying out actions to the benefit of themselves and others.

A case study is keeping the society clean, if everyone dumps trash anyhow, it's to the detriment of not just the environment but also the health of everyone, if it's otherwise, the health of everyone is preserved. This shows that everyone has a responsibility of keeping the society clean.

Another area is theft, if everyone is willing to work, no matter the kind of job, there won't be theft in the society, but we have theft due to some individuals greed and laziness.

With this scenario, you would realize that we all have a responsibility to handle our society well, and our actions are result in the lives of others.

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Social and environmental responsibility can fight social challenges by assisting in overcoming such problems. When an individual or group takes responsibility to protect society and the environment, this can work against social problems. For example, many people and businesses engage in food drives to fight poverty.

All six physical features of Georgia?


There are six major geographical regions of Georgia. They are the Appalachian Plateau region, the Ridge and Valley region, the Blue Ridge region, the Piedmont region, and the Coastal Plain region. I live in georgia :)