A park has t tables spread equally among the 3 picnic areas. Write an expression that shows how many picnic tables are at each picnic area.


Answer 1


Number of picnic areas =3

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

add all the tables in each picnic areas, since the tables are spread equally among 3 areas. Divide the number of table by 3 to get the number of tables at each picnic area.

so, all tables divided by 3. Since we do not know how many tables are there, let put t = numbers of table

t ÷ 3


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as a fraction in simplest form.



First thing you want to do is put it over 100


Now divide by 4



28/100=14/50=7/25 the last fraction is the correct answer

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4 times 6=24 right answer

Write an equation of the line that passes through a pair of points (-5, -2), (4, 5)



First of all we need to find the slope. We can use the equation below.

( y_(2)- y_(1)  )/( x_(2) - x_(1) )

The ones and twos just represent a y or x value from one of the ordered pairs, so for example on ordered pair could represent the ones(note that the ones and twos can be switched and the slope will remain the same).

In our case we will have (-5,-2) be (x_(1) ,y_(1)) and (4,5) be (x_(2) ,y_(2)). We will plug this into the equation.

(5+2)/(4+5) = (7)/(9)

Therefore the slope of our line is 7/9.
Now we need to find the y-intercept to have the equation for our line. We will put the slope and two points from the line into slope intercept form and solve for b (we will use (4,5)).

5-b=3 1/9
5+(-b)=3 1/9
-b=-2 1/9
b=2 1/9

Now that we have our value for b we will put it in slope intercept form.

y=7/9x+(2 +1/9)

I hope this helps!

To find the equation of a line knowing two points it passes through, we must first find the slope and then substitute the x and y values to figure out the y intercept. 

First thing is to find the slope using the formula m = Δy ÷ Δx
m = 5 - (-2) ÷ 4 - (-5)

Now we simplify 
m = 7 ÷ 9 

Our equation so far is y = 7/9x + b. Now we can substitute the values of x and y from a point to figure out the answer. The equation here uses the point (4,5)

5 = 7/9 · 4 + b

Get b on one side
5 - 28/9 = b

b = 1 + 8/9

That makes the equation of the line y = 7/9x + (1 + 8/9)

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b. right
c. obtuse
d. straight


the type of angle are those 2 congruent angles isacute
so your answer is
a. acute
hope that helps
A. An obtuse angle is less than 180 but greater than 90. So for examples sake I will use 179 degrees. 179 divided by 2 (as the angles are congruent) = 89.5 which is less than a right angle. Therefore, the angles will be acute.

Hope it helps :)

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it would be 2 liters all together all you do is .33*6 then round 1.98 to 2

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It is true, except when x = 2/5, since it is an asymptote.

Step-by-step explanation:




5x-2=0 -------> 5x=2 --------> x=2/5