I think its AWhich sentence is punctuated correctly?

The dentist informed her, Floss your teeth.

The dentist informed her "that she should floss her teeth.


The dentist informed her, "Floss your teeth."

The dentist informed her that "she should floss her teeth.


Answer 1
Answer: the answer is not A it is C.The dentist informed her, "Floss your teeth."
Answer 2
Answer: I think it is either A or C. Personally I think it is c more than A.

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The plural form of plow would be plowed.  If that is what you are talking about.  A sentence would be, "That farmer just plowed his field." 

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C. more graciously then the other winner

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Top left is the correct answer

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How so is it The best day
Is this a question? Wasnt sure.