Why do you think many Cubans support their government's policies?


Answer 1
Answer: Well, many people prefer comfort and tradition over what is necessarily better. People there have lived like that, Its all they know, all their parents know. It can be tough to go out and try something new. 
Answer 2
Answer: well just like why many Americans would support there government, its there belief simply, and they were raised around the particular era so they will go forth mainly to what they believe in

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Briefly compare and contrast the reactions of Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras to the deaths of their fathers.
How does the description of the skull Peterkin finds as "large, and smooth, and round" add to the poem's ideas about war? A.It suggests that war is simply a necessary and unavoidable human experience.B.it brings many sad memories to the grandfather's mind, adding to his regrets as he describes the battle.C.it makes the skull sound like a toy ball, adding to the grandfather's casual view of the deaths caused by the battle.D.It makes the skull sound frightening, filling the children with fear about war.
2 questions??) Please Help: 1. [ I thin it's adverb but i'm not sure :[) is the underlined phrase an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase? Some people can climb up a rope without help.A.adverb phraseB.adjective phrase2. Is the underlined phrase an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase? An elephant is instantly recognizable because of its trunk.A.adjective phraseB.adverb phrase
What type of poetry does not use a consistent meter pattern or rhyme?A) Prose B) An idea C) Free verse D) Extended metaphor
Which statement applies to the nonfiction genre?A. It only explores the lives of historical figures.B. It is based on people and events that are real.C. It focuses on events that may occur in the future.D. It traces how the world’s nations were formed.

How are Napoleon and Old Major similar?a. Both believe there is room for only one leader.
b. Both incite the others to rebel against man.
c. Both believe that the animals should not come to resemble man.
d. Both think the animals are capable of only doing good.


wheel I looked it up in my book and it said a is the best answer

What does the word evoke mean?simple definition please.


The word evoke simply means to draw forth.

What the adverb in this sentence?See how he skillfully maneuvers the charging bull by moving the red cape.


Skillfully. Ends in ly. Another example would be passionately.

Write and solve an equation to determine the value of x in each figure


Answer:  " x = 21 "  ;   The equation is:  " 3x + 117 = 180 " .


3x + 117 = 180 ;  

(Since:  these 2 angles along a straight line, with values of 
3x" and "117" are supplementary because they both make up all the angles on a straight line; thus they are supplementary angles and add up to 180.
      3x + 117 = 180 ; Solve for "x" ;
Subtract "117" from EACH side of the equation:
      3x + 117 − 117 = 180 − 117 ;
to get:
       3x  =  63 ; 
       Now, divide EACH SIDE of the equation by "3"; to isolate "x" on one side of the equation; and to solve for "x" ;
       3x / 3  =  63 / 3 ;
            x  =  21 .

Why do Sir Toby and Maria write a letter to Malvolio? A.
They want to get him arrested and put in prison.

They want to make him too afraid to ever treat them poorly again.

They want to help him find true happiness and friendship.

They want to play a prank on him and humble him


Sir Toby and Maria write a letter to Malvolio because D) they want to play a prank on him and humble him.
They pretend the letter is from Olivia, the woman he loves.

Please help me please help please help me



number one b number 2 c number 3 i couldnt answer because the passage is not there


youll have to write the third one on your own because we dont know what the passage is

1 : c
2: I don’t know sorry :((