If anyone knows the story "Thank,You,Ma'am," I need HELP D:In "Thank You, M'am," which event is part of the rising action?

Mrs. Jones's walking home alone at night

Mrs. Jones's giving Roger ten dollars for the blue suede shoes

Roger's being unable to even say "thank you" at the end of the story

Mrs. Jones's bringing Roger into her home and washing his face


Answer 1
Answer: Rising action is when times get tense, so which one would be most scary if you were Mrs.Jones? Not washing a boys face. Not the boy being unable to say thank you. Not Mrs.Jones giving the ten dollars. So it would have to be Mrs.Jones walking home alone at night. Hope this helped!!! :D

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48 c = blank qt someone please help
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they are alike by they can both be used as like a coloring word as in i spray the painting or I streak the brush along the tips of my fingers. they are different because they also have different meanings
Spray and streak are alike in a way because they both could be described as an action

Which of the sentences below is written correctly?A. Jami's sisters, but not Jami, takes classes at the studio by their house.

B.Jimmy and his uncle goes fishing at least once in the fall and the spring.

C.Ashley, Avery, and their cousins visit the family lake house each summer.

D. Remy, but not his brothers, play golf and tennis when the weather is nice.

i think its C


It is c because it makes since and everything is not wrong 1000% correct.!!!✌
It is C because everything is spelled correctly and it contains no grammar errors.

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the answer is her, as in Marie sings better than her.

The correct sentence would be "Marie sings better than her", since "she" refers to a person that had already been mentioned.

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it makes people think about the resources around, and also the placement of things. 

EX: As I turned around I accidentally bumped into the pole which I thought I had just seen by the library.

(said in first person)

Final answer:

The setting contributes to the suspense in a story by creating an uncertain or tense atmosphere. This tension can be built through descriptions of the location, time, weather, or cultural context. This makes the reader eager to find out what will happen next.


The setting in a text can contribute significantly to the suspense within the story. This is achieved through the introduction of a situation or environment that brings uncertainty or anticipation, keeping the reader hooked and eager to know what happens next. Think of a dark, deserted alleyway at night, or a creepy, abandoned mansion - such locations can inherently create a sense of foreboding.

Setting sets the tone and mood, and helps shape the reader's expectations. For instance, a story set in a war-torn city may immediately lead to a sense of tension and danger. Elements of the setting like the time (nighttime usually adds to mystery), weather conditions (stormy weather often signifies trouble), or cultural context can all contribute to the building of suspense.

To decipher how setting contributes to suspense, you can look for descriptions of the location, time, weather, and cultural context in the text. These details should give you a good idea of how the scenario enhances the suspense in the story.

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an adjective is a word that modifies or describes a noun,but an adverb is a word that describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb


you could have just looked it up online

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The evidence that suggests that Benedict Arnold was a brave soldier is the fact that he was a soldier since he was 15 years old.


At age 15, Benedict Arnold joined the militias of the Connecticut colony. In that condition, he participated in the army of settlers who marched to Albany and Lake George to support the British troops facing the French invasion from Canada at the Battle of Fort William Henry, at the American theater of the War of the Seven Years.

When in 1776 the Thirteen Colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain, Arnold again joined the Connecticut militia and participated in the first battles against British troops. In 1777 he was entrusted with the leadership of the troops of the Hudson River Valley to prevent the penetration of British troops from Canada, which by the river could attack the colonies of Pennsylvania and New York.

While fighting for the Americans he had distinguished himself by his displays of courage and bravery in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775 and the Battle of Saratoga in 1777.

In 1780, Arnold went over to the British side, betraying the patriots.

He was a major general of the Continental Army, even though he was an infamous traitor.