Why do some countries allow little freedom ?


Answer 1

Freedom comes with a whole lot of things that those who detail power might not enjoy in their desperate attempt of keeping it.

Freedom of movement might create masses that are big enough to defy State's physical power.

Freedom of Speech might be used to point out the lies and manipulations of the governments.

Freedom of Association might diminish the privileges that the government grants to people it wants on its side.

In the end, diminishing a citizen's freedom is all about granting more power to the government and maintaining it.

Answer 2
Answer: Some countries allow little freedom because they will have less power over people if they gave them more freedom. Hope it helps :D

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Describe the 3 other attacks Japan launched after the bombing of Pearl Harbor


The 3 other attacks Japan launched after the bombing of Pearl Harbor were:

1. Japan made invasions to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.

2. Japan invaded Tulagi.

3. Japan attack a third time in the battle of Midway.

Further explanation

During World War II, the Japanese army had a big conflict against the American army in the Pacific ocean, we call it the Pacific War. In this period, the Japanese army, partner of Germany and Italy, wanted to enlarge their colonial empire in the south, so they attack several countries belonging to France, England, and the United States.

The 7 December 1941, they attacked Pearl Harbor, which was the biggest American naval base of the Pacific ocean, in Hawaii archipelago. It was a huge victory for Japan. The official war between Japan and the United States and his allies started after this event.

→ The three attacks that Japan launched after Pearl Harbor were:

1. They continued the invasions in this geographic area taking control of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. The two sides faced each other in all those places for 4 months but the USA and England were absolutely unable to stop Japan who invaded easily.

2. The second attack against allied happened on 7-8 May 1942, after the Japanese invaded Tulagi. It was the first fight that only took place in the sky and not in the sea. The two sides faced damages during this battle so they both retired but this battle was considered as a victory of allied forces because Japan lost their two fleet carriers, Shōkaku and Zuikaku.

3. Between 4 and 7 June 1942, Japan attack a third time, the battle of Midway. This time it was a clear victory of the United States who discovered the plan of their opponent before the fight and succeed to sink the 4 Japanese fleet carriers.

The battle of Midway is the last attack of Japanese, after that, they only had a defensive strategy, trying to stop the allied reconquest but in vain. The Japanese capitulate the 2 September 1945, devastated by the American atomic bombs.

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on December 8th, 1947, Japanese forces attacked and completely devastated Clark Air Field, near Manila. On December 9th, Nichols Air Field was attacked. On December 10th, Manila Bay and Cavite Navy Base were attacked by Japanese submarines, forcing U.S. to refuel at Corregidor


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Which statement best describes a monopoly?A.
Consumers are free to decide which company's product is better.

One company controls all the means of production of a product.

The government decides which companies can make a product.

Many companies share the market for one product.


The correct answer is B) one company controls all the means of production of a product.

The statement that best describes a monopoly is "one company controls all the means of production of a product."

In a monopoly, one company dominates and controls all the means of production and eliminate most of its competitors. This company has become too large that dominates above other minor competitors. That was the case of the Standard Oil company of John D. Rockefeller or the Steel Company of Andrew Carnegie.

B. One company controls all the means of production of a product

However, monopoly power is where a firm has a 25% market share

What was is of president Lincoln first major goals for reconstruction


President Lincoln's first major goal was to reunify the nation.

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which Great Awakening preacher warned people that God would punish them if they did not change their ways



Jonathan Edwards is the correct answer.


Jonathan Edwards was an American revivalist preacher, congregationalist protestant theologian, and philosopher. He is considered to be the most important and original theologians. his theological work was based on the reformed theology. Studies support that his works were also based on the concept of beauty and harmony. He also played a critical role in shaping the First Great Awakening.

Jonathan Edwards.

In 1741, he preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." where he preached that Hell is real and terrible.

summarize the policies that president johnson implemented in order to declare an unconditional war on poverty



Explanation:In 1964 president Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty to improve lives of the poorest American. True


Increase access to healthcare, investing in public education, environment and consumer protection, less restrictive immigration policies

What is a way to be a financially responsible consumer?Borrow money only for essential purchases
Loan money to others only if they promise to pay you back.
Save money only if you have everything you want first.
Compare prices when you shop.​


Compare prices when you shop is a way to be a financially responsible consumer.

Option D


A financially responsible consumer always compares prices to get the best fit item at the optimal price without spending too much of money on the asset he is buying. Comparing prices enables saving valuable money from getting spent, automatically without getting actually worried about saving money all the time. When you make an optimal price choice, you save become more financially viable by having all the items of your need, and spending the least into your daily sets of required items.