What is an animal that hunts another animal called


Answer 1
Answer: Predator. Prey is the one getting hunted by.
Answer 2
predator is want hunts prey

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When a plant is receiving themaximum amount of lightintensity that it can withstand,what happens to the rate ofphotosynthesis?A. The rate levels off.B. The rate increases.C. The rate decreases.
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How does photosynthesis work in a leaf? Please answer ASAP


leaves contain chlorophyll, a green pigment capable of absorbing light energy. This can then be used to make sugar out of CO2 in the atmosphere, ie from the air. This is stored as starch or used as energy/glucose. The equation for this is as follows: Carbon dioxide + water + light energy ----> glucose + oxygen
It's gives it the ability to breath and make more leaves all year round all though there's no sun light on space you can grow grass on the moon cos of its moist surface and due to photosynthesis even if there's no water the leaves will grow again next year but then again I ain't no scientist I'm a stock broker so u no .....

A thing found in nature that is useful to organisms


air, water, and other organisms as a form of symbiotic relationships
There are many things found in nature which are useful for us. Among these are air and water, and the diversity of organisms, which provide us with food and many other things.

Why is Darwin's theory of Evolution by Natural Selection not just a theory?'
A. It does not rely on dependent variables, only independent variables.

B. It has more evidence than a hypothesis, but less than a law.

C. A hypothesis does not become a theory until it is already supported by evidence,
D. It is just a theory, it is equivalent to a guess.


Darwin's theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is not just a theory, because it can be testable. A hypothesis becomes a theory once it is supported by evidence (option C)

Charles Darwin described natural selection as an evolutionary phenomenon in which the fittest and strongest animal survives in nature, with the weakest animals dying first, greatly reducing the likelihood that they will have offspring. Therefore, the strongest are the ones that have offspring and pass on their most optimal traits so that these offspring are in turn more fit.  

Each organism has different characteristics, and when organisms of a species reproduce, the progeny inherit these characteristics. Those members of the population with characteristics that are less adapted to the environment will be less likely to survive. And those with better characteristics are more likely to survive. For example, a gazelle that is slower to run because of some defect will be less likely to survive because it is likely to be chased and caught by a carnivorous animal. And this hunter is less likely to catch up with another gazelle that is stronger and faster to escape. In turn, this stronger gazelle, by surviving, will be more likely to reproduce and leave equally strong offspring.

Therefore, the classic definition of natural selection establishes that the conditions of the environment can hinder or favor the survival and reproduction of species and this determines that they evolve to adapt more and more. Therefore, evolution is the set of changes in a population, through generations. This process has originated the diversity of species from a common ancestor. For this to happen, traits must be variable between individuals and be related to survival and must be inheritable.

On the other hand, it should be clarified that a theory is a body of knowledge that explains a phenomenon based on observation or reasoning.

The right answer is:

  • C. A hypothesis does not become a theory until it is already supported by evidence: A hypothesis (an assumption made before any evidence or observation is obtained) does not become a theory until it is already supported by evidence.And as already stated, a theory is made after testing, with evidence. Then, evolution can be testable, analyzing the existing evidence. For example, the shared characteristics between species (which indicate that they were descended from a common ancestor) such as the arms of humans and the fins of whales which have the same common ancestor although they do not have the same function.

Let's explain why the other items are incorrect:

  • A.  It does not rely on dependent variables, only independent variables: A dependent variable is an outcome or variable that depends on other variables while an independent variable is one that affects the outcome, and in turn is not affected by anything. So, both depedent and independent variables are used to explain Evolution and Natural Selection. For example, an independent variable could be the the availability of feed, while the dependent variable could be the amount of feed that the animals can incorporate. The more skilled the individuals are (hunting, climbing), the more food they can obtain.
  • B. It has more evidence than a hypothesis, but less than a law: Darwin's theory is not a law because a law is a statement about an observed phenomenon, however it does not explain what causes it. Currently, there is evidence to explain how the evolution of species evolved.
  • D. It is just a theory, it is equivalent to a guess: A theory is not just a guess is because as it was explained, it is supported by observations, studies and evidence.

So, Darwin's theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is the result of adaptations to the environment of organisms and can generate genetic mutations that lead to improvements in phenotypes and generate new species. And it is supported by scientific evidence by studying physiology, comparative anatomy between species, among other things.

Learn more about Evolution here: brainly.com/question/23544708

Answer: C

Explanation: Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on Natural Selection. Natural Selection can be defined as the ability of an organism to evolve based on its suitability to the environment through genetic traits that are inherited by offspring.

Darwin’s Theory is not just a theory because it is testable, and can be used to make logical future predictions.

An example of this is the evolution of man.

Manuel is performing a scientific investigation to determine whether fertilizer A or fertilizer B is more effective at increasing the growth rate of tomato plants. Manuel measures and separates 30 tomato plants into two equal groups that are planted in identical environments. He gives one group fertilizer A, and gives the other group the same amount of fertilizer B. During the first week of the investigation, he gives the tomato plants in both groups the same amount of water. During the second week, however, he forgets to water the tomato plants being given fertilizer B, but still provides water for the tomato plants being given fertilizer A. Two weeks after planting, Manuel measures the tomato plants and discovers that the tomato plants given fertilizer A have grown much more rapidly than the tomato plants being given fertilizer B. Manuel's resultsA. are not valid because one of the variables was not controlled during week 2.

B. are valid because he controlled all of the variables in week 1.

C. are valid because he designed his experiment correctly.

D. are not valid because he should not have grown the plants in identical environments.





are not valid because one of the variables was not controlled during week 2.




The quality and strength of data collected during a scientific investigation are based on how well the experiment was designed and executed. Although Manuel's experiment was correctly designed, he forgot to water one of the tomato plant groups during the second week. This means that his results are not valid because one of the variables was not controlled during week 2.

An example of a population within an ecosystem would be..​


Insects living in the tree because the tree is now populated

Although it has a greater ____ than Sirius, Rigel does NOT look as bright in the night sky.a.
apparent magnitude
black hole
absolute magnitude

Please select the best answer from the choices provided


I can tell you that it is NOT B.
 I got it wrong.


its d


i got a 100 on edg