Imagine that you are baking brownies for a bake sale at school. Which of the following pans is least likely to cause you to burn the bottoms of your brownies?a glass pan, an aluminum pan, a cast iron pan or a copper pan


Answer 1
Answer: glass will work the best

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A wave with a large amplitude has a lot of             a.vibration  b.speed    
94. While you are traveling in a car on a straight, level interstate highway at 90 km/h another car passes you in the same direction, its speedometer reads 120 km/h (a) What is your velocity relative to the other driver? (b) What is the other car's velocity relative to you?
The mass of a cm3(cube) stone is 180.a) calculate its density.                                                             b) The stone is broken into two peaces. What is the                                                                      density of each piece.                                                             c) The smaller piece weights 80g. Calculate its                                                                               Volume.
What do you think is the difference between being imaginative in doing science and Doing pseudoscience?

cynthia sprints 60 meters in 5 seconds during soccer practice. what is her speed. please show your work



12 m/s


Speed can be found using the following formula.

s = (d)/(t)

where s is speed, d is distance traveled and t is the time.

We know that Cynthia sprinted 60 meters in 5 seconds. Therefore, the distance is 60 meters and the time is 5 seconds.



Substitute these values into the formula.




Add appropriate units. For this problem, the appropriate units would be meters per second, or m/s.

s=12 m/s

Cynthia's speed is 12 meters per second.

Can anyone help me with this?


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1. habitat
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Global warming refers specifically to an increase in


I think it is C hope it helped

The answer is C. hope it helps

What acceleration does a 9 N force produce in a 3 kg object? Make sure to show your work. (The 4 steps)‚Äč


Answer: 3m/s^2


Given that:

Acceleration of object = ?

Force = 9 N

Mass of object = 3 kg

Since force is the product of the mass of an object and the acceleration by which it moves i.e Force = mass x acceleration

9N = 3kg x acceleration

Acceleration = 9N/3kg

Acceleration = 3m/s^2 (3 metres per second square)

Thus, an acceleration of 3m/s^2 is produced.

1.imagine you were able to throw a ball in a frictionless environment such as outer space.once you let go of the ball,what will happen to the ball according to the law of inertia? will travel in a straight forever line will travel striaight line but eventually slow down will continue to speed up forever will slow down and turn

2.a car accelerates down the road .what is the reaction to the tires pushing on the road?

a.the car in the tires moving the car
b.the masses of the car pushing on the tires
c.the road pushing on the tires
d.the road moving away from the tires


the answer is c.the road pushing on the tires.

Can you help me understand force=mass x accleration


Force = mass * acceleration

Here is an equation for force, used to calculate force. 

Look at it this way:-

Joules is used to measure force, while mass is measured by kg. Acceleration is measured by m/s/s (meters per second per second, or meters per second squared.)

joules = m/s/s * kg 

Which makes everything fit in just right! :D