Is 0.17 bigger than 0.165


Answer 1
Answer: 0.170
so yes, 0.17 is indeed larger than 0.165
when comparing decimals u can use zeroes as place holders.
Answer 2
Answer: .17 is bigger. you can think about it like this; add a zero to .17(which is okay) since the other decimal number is three digits. Then you have .170 and .165. Which is bigger, 170 or 165? Hope that helped!

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In the passage, what does lady Macbeth fear about her husband?
Which best describes the underlined words in the sentence? On the next cloudless night, go outdoors and look at the sky.A.compound verbB.simple predicateC.complete predicate
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Which type of logical fallacy does the following sentence show?



  A. Non sequitur.  


  A fallacy is the used of invalid reasoning in the construction of an argument.

  The Non sequitur is a formal fallacy invalid by a flaw in its logical structure. The argument itself could have true premises (like the fact he enjoys watching soccer) but still have a false conclusion (he should be a great athlete).

  I hope this answer helps you.

I think u should go with d

In what ways do Two-Bit and Marcia get along? Does their connection come as a surprise? Why or why not?


The inference shows that their connection is surprising because they've different beliefs.

What is an inference?

An inference simply means the conclusion that can be deduced from the information given in a literary work.

In this case, the inference shows that their connection is surprising because they've different beliefs.

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They talk and laugh with each other. There connection does come as somewhat of a surprise because two-bit is a greaser and Marcia is a Soc, but they get along fine it seems.

Fill in the blank. In 1955 a group of army generals.......... Argentinian president Juan Peron in a military take-over.

- ambulatory - obstinate - subsist
- desist - oust - restive
- destitute - preamble
- interstice - recalcitrant


In 1995 a group of army generals oust Argentinian President Juan Peron in a military take-over.

oust means to take someone out of a position of place, to expel them. In this case it fits within the sentence because the group of generals were driving the president out of his position of power.

Esperanza rising chapter 7 pg 100-120 what are the two choices romona gives Esperanza when she was angr about there cabin?


Romona provides Esperanza with two options: she may either work or even go home. Every guy needs to labor in order to eat.

What is the book Esperanza rising about?

Pam Munoz Ryan, a Mexican-American novelist, wrote the young adult political fiction book Esperanza Rising, which ScholasticPublishing published on March 27, 2000. The story revolves around Esperanza, the only child of affluent Mexican parents, and chronicles what happens after her father is killed.

Esperanza Rising is a touchingtale about a little girl who discovers the value of loyalty to her close friends and family across one level, but it also serves as a lesson on the hardships that impoverished families, particularly those of immigrants and farmworkers, face on a personal and social level.

The two choices Romona gives Esperanza when she is angry about their cabin are to either stay and make the best of it or to leave and find a better place to live.

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I love this book, Romona gives Esperanza 2 choices... either she work or she must go home.... ' Every man must work if he is to eat. '

Find the ADVERB(S) in the sentence. Note: the sentence may not contain adverbs. 13 pts.The little boy jumped up and down.

none in the sentence
little boy



none in the sentence


An adverb is something to help more describe an adjective or verb.


up and down would be the answer to this question


What is the best description of the theme of this excerpt?The sun is more powerful than ice and snow.
Birches are destroyed by both people and nature.
The sun has a wondrous effect on icy birch branches.
Ice storms are nature's most powerful force.


The theme, in my opinion, is that nature is always being harmed and that nothing is being done to stop it. The sun has a wondrous effect on icy birch branches.  Thus option (C) is correct

What is an opinion?

An opinion may be expressed regarding subjective issues for which there is no definitive evidence or it may be expressed regarding facts that are being contested on the pretext that everyone has the right to their own ideas.

Excerpts opinion is merely a small portion of the complete entry and can be thought of as an introduction or summary of your postings. Our themes frequently use them to show condensed versions of your posts, for instance on the homepage, archives page, or opinion featured posts slideshow.

Therefore, Thus option (C) is correct

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I think the theme is nature is destroyed constantly, and no one is doing anything about it.