A cat spends about 7 out of 10 hours sleeping. About what present of the cats day is spent sleeping


Answer 1
Answer: the cat spends about 70% of its day sleeping but that's a lie not the answer the (fact) not all cats sleep all day. so you know

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Describe and correct the error(s) made in each of the problems below. 1−x / (5−x)(−x)=x−1 / x(x−5)




\displaystyle (1-x)/((5-x)(-x)) =-(x-1 )/( x(x-5))

\displaystyle (5)/(s)* (2)/(5) =(2)/(s)

Step-by-step explanation:

Errors in Algebraic Operations

It's usual that students make mistakes when misunderstanding the application of algebra's basic rules. Here we have two of them

  • When we change the signs of all the terms of a polynomial, the expression must be preceded by a negative sign
  • When multiplying negative and positive quantities, if the number of negatives is odd, the result is negative. If the number of negatives is even, the result is positive.
  • Not to confuse product of fractions with the sum of fractions. Rules are quite different

The first expression is

1-x / (5-x)(-x)=x-1 / x(x-5)

Let's arrange into format:

\displaystyle (1-x)/((5-x)(-x)) =(x-1 )/( x(x-5))

We can clearly see in all of the factors in the expression the signs were changed correctly, but the result should have been preceeded with a negative sign, because it makes 3 (odd number) negatives, resulting in a negative expression. The correct form is

\displaystyle (1-x)/((5-x)(-x)) =-(x-1 )/( x(x-5))

Now for the second expression


Let's arrange into format

\displaystyle (5)/(s)+(2)/(5) =(2)/(s)

It's a clear mistake because it was asssumed a product of fractions instead of a SUM of fractions. If the result was correct, then the expression should have been

\displaystyle (5)/(s)* (2)/(5) =(2)/(s)

4400 is 10 times as much as 440


correctly 440×10

Radius: 12
diameter: 24 inches


The formula for the area of a circle is \pi  r^(2)

To break it up, its π×r×r=A

The radius is 12inches

So the equation is 3.14×12×12



452.16 rounded is 452


On interstate highways, the minimum allowable lane width is 12 feet. Write an inequality to show the possible width of a lane.


I dont know if this is what you need hope it helps

so we get to see the lane/ line

How Many Pizza Are There in Total?​



6 parts in Pizza Are There in Total

6 parts in a pizza hope this helps :)

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The first is a right triangle because there is a right angle, and it is scalene because none of the sides are congruent.

The second is an obtuse triangle because there is an obtuse angle, and it is an isosceles triangle because two of the sides are congruent.

The third is an acute triangle because all of the angles are acute, and it is an isosceles triangle because two of the sides are congruent.

The fourth is a right triangle because it has a right angle, and it is a s
calene because none of the sides are congruent.
the fourth one is an acute triangle