Small dot placed between ones and tenths


Answer 1
Answer: That's the "decimal point".
Answer 2
Answer: That's a decimal point 

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In her first design for water rush Ms Luca used 4 same-size rectangular bins to hold sand. Each bin had a volume of 180 cubic yards. Then ms Luca changed her design to use 2 new same-size rectangular bins. The total volume of the 2 new bins. The volume of the 2 new bins is equivalent to the total volume of the 4 original bins. What is the length of each of the new bins. Show your work.



Ms Luca has 4 bins which each has 180 cubic yards so 4×180= 720

Now she has a new design which has 2 bins which carry THE SAME amount so...

720÷2= 360

answer is 360


The question is asking for the length. The height is given as 6 and the width is given as 5. The length is unknown

To find the length use formula lxwxh=volume

We know the volume of each bin to be 360 so we plug into the formula

lx5x6=360 (multiply)

lx30=360 (divide both sides by 30 to isolate the unknown, which is the length).

360/30= 12


The length is equal to 12

The answer is 12.

Step-by-step explanation:

Write this number in word form. 284,028


Two hundred eighty-four thousand, twenty-eight.

Which two values of x are roots of the polynomial below?
x² + 3x - 5



plug Plug in a=1, b=3, c=-5

x =[ -3 ±√( +9 -4*1*(-5) )  ]/ 2

x =  -3 ±√29  / 2... I hope this is the answer

Step-by-step explanation:

There are 150 trees in the park. Mark noticed that 120 of them are maple trees. What percent of the trees are maple?


maple/total * 100 = percentage
120/150 * 100=80
80% of the trees are maple
80%. 120/150. divide 120 by 150 to get .8. .8 also is 80%

Emily's meal costs $32.75 and Darren's meal costs $39.88. Emily treats Darren by paying for both meals and leave a 14% tip. find the total cost


The best thing to do is to find the cost of the two meals then find the tip. $32.75+$39.88= $72.63
You've then got to find the 14% tip, you can either do this by finding 1% and then multiplying by 14. Or, you can divide the total answer by 100, and mutiply by 14.
$72.63/100= $0.73 (rounded) and then multiply this by 14, gives you $10.22
You've then got to add $72.63 to $10.22, and this gives you $82.85
Therefore, the total cost of the meal is $82.85
Hope this helps :) 

Which table represents a nonlinear function?



The table that represents the nonlinear function is the one where the x-values are -7, -5 and 0 and the y-values are -3, 0 and 3.

Step-by-step explanation:

In order for a table to represent a linear function, there needs to be a consistent change in y-values divided by the change in x-values.  For example, for any two points on the table when we subtract two y-values and divide by the number we get when we subtract two x-values, this change should be represented throughout the table.  So, in the case of the other three tables, when we choose two points from the table, such as (-5, 7) and (-2,6) and put them into an equation (y2-y1/x2-x1) or (6-7)/(-2-(-5)) we would get a change of -1/3.  However, when we apply this concept to the table where x-values are -7,-5, and 0, we see that the change is not consistent between points, so the function must be nonlinear.