Jonathan's parents told him that for every 5 hours of homework or reading he completes, he will be able to play 3 hours of video games. His friend Lucas's parents told their son that he can play 30 minutes for every hour of homework or reading time he completes. If both boys spend the same amount of time on homework and reading this week, which boy gets more time playing video games? How do you know?


Answer 1
Answer: Jonathan spends more time playing video games because 3/5 of the time he is playing video games, while Lucas is only playing thirty minutes out of sixty, which simplifies into 1/2.Jonathan plays 60% of the time and Lucas plays 50%.(I overdid it a little sorry)
Answer 2
Answer: The easiest way to explain this is by using an example.  If both boys read and do homework for 10 hours:

5:3 = 10: 6  Jonathan will play video games for 6 hours. 

2:1 = 10:5 Luca will play video games for 5 hours. 

If both boys spend the same amount of time on homework and reading this week, Jonathan gets more time playing video games. 

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How do I draw and shade a figure that represents 100% 100% and describe it in words ?



The required shaded figure is shown in Figure 2:

Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the provided statement.

You need to draw a figure and need to shade 100%

Let us first draw a figure of circle as shown in Figure 1:

Remember: You can draw any figure or shape for example: square, rectangle, triangle etc.

Now, it is given that we need to shade the figure that represents 100%.

100% of a figure is also know as the whole figure.

Thus, shade the whole figure. Where you can use any color in order to shade.

The required shaded figure is shown in Figure 2:

Draw anything and color the whole thing in. And should be described as "one whole" in words.

Hope this helps

A rectangular poster is 3 times as long as it is wide. A rectangular banner is 5 times as long as it is wide. Both the banner and the poster has a perimeter of 24 inches. What are the lengths and widths of the poster and the banner



A) For the poster: length = 9 inches and width = 3 inches

B) For the banner: length = 10 inches and width = 2 inches

Step-by-step explanation:

A) The perimeter was given as 24 inches, so that;

     P = 2 (l+w)

But, l = 3w, where w is the width. So that;

    P = 2 (3w + w)

   24 = 2 (4w)

    24 = 8w

⇒    w = 3 inches

But, l = 3w = 3 ×  3  = 9 inches

Therefore for the poster, length is 9 inches and width is 3 inches.

B) With the same value of perimeter, 24 inches:

       p = 2 (l+w)

 But, l = 5w, where w is the width. So that:

     p = 2( 5w + w)

    24  = 2 (6w)

       24 = 12w

⇒     w  = 2 inches

But, l = 5w = 5 × 2  = 10 inches

Therefore, for the banner, length is 10 inches and width is 2 inches.

"A poster is 3 times as long as it is wide"

This means that the length is three times larger than the width of the poster (which is in the shape of a rectangle).

"A banner is 5 times as long as it is wide"

This is exactly the same as the one for the poster, except the length of the banner is FIVE times larger than the width, instead of three.

"Both the banner and the poster have perimeter of 24 inches"

Both the banner and poster are rectangles. The formula for perimeter for rectangles is P = 2L + 2W (L = length, W = width).Perimeter of the Poster = 2L + 2WPerimeter of the Banner = 2L + 2WFor the poster, it was mentioned that the length is 3x larger than the width, so that must mean L = 3 * W = 3W. So therefore:Perimeter of the Poster = 2(3W) + 2W = 6W + 2W = 8W.For the banner, it was mentioned that the length is 5x larger than the width, so that must mean L = 5 * W = 5W. So therefore:Perimeter of the Banner = 2(5W) + 2W = 10W + 2W = 12W.So we found our perimeters, which are 8W for the poster and 12W for the banner. But the question also states that BOTH perimeters are 24 inches. So we must set 8W equal to 24 and 12W equal to 24.8W = 24W = 3 inches (For the poster)12W = 24W = 2 inches (For the banner)So we found our widths of both the poster AND the banner. Now we just need to find the lengths. But remember how I stated earlier that the length for the poster is 3W (L = 3W)? And for the banner, it's L = 5W? We can use that to find the lengths since we already know values for the widths.For the poster:L = 3W = 3(3) = 9 inchesFor the banner:L = 5W = 5(2) = 10 inchesSo the poster has a length of 9 inches and width of 3 inches, and the banner has a length of 10 inches and a width of 2 inches

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1 plan- 4×28 I think that is the only way

Write each fraction as the sum of two fractions with the same denominator. a) 1/2 b)3/4 c)9/10


like this?
a) (1/4)+(1/4)
b) (1/4)+(2/4)
c) (3/10)+(6/10)

A recipe for whole grain rolls calls for 3/4 cup of rye flour. The recipe makes 6 rolls. How many cups of rye four are needed to make 32 rolls


32/6 = 16/3 = 5.33

.75 x 5.33 = 4 cups of rye flour.

4 cups to make 32 rolls

The high school band and chorus are putting on a spring concert. The two groups together want to perform no more than 15 songs and the concert has to be 60 minutes or less in length. Each piece the band performs is about 5 minutes in length. Each piece the chorus sings is about 3 minutes in length. Which system of inequalities best represents the number of songs the band performs (x) and the number of longs the chorus performs (y) for the concert?



Step-by-step explanation:

x = band songs

y = chorus songs

x + y < = 15 (thats less then or equal to)

5x + 3y < = 60 (thats less then or equal)