Four students spent $12 on school lunch. At this rate find the amount 10 students would spend on the same school lunch.


Answer 1
Answer: 30.004 =124=122=612+12+6 = 30

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To start her collection of comic books, Joylin’s uncle gives her a box of comic books and several monthly subscriptions to comic books. the number of comic books in her collection, y, after x months is modeled by the equation shown: y=40+6x. What does the number 40 represent?


40 would represent the starting number of comics.

Final answer:

In the equation y=40+6x, 40 represents the initial number of comic books in Joylin's collection, given to her by her uncle. Over time, she gains additional comic books from monthly subscriptions.


In the provided equation, y=40+6x, the number 40 represents the initial amount of comic books Joylin has before the monthly subscriptions start. This is essentially the number of comic books Joylin's uncle gave her to start her collection. The number 6 represents the number of books she receives monthly from the subscriptions. Therefore, 'x' months after receiving the initial batch of comic books, Joylin has 40 + 6x comic books in her collection.

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the measure of one angle of a right triangle is 38 degrees more than the measure of the smallest angle. find the measures of all three angles.



26° , 64° , 90° all three angles of right angle triangle.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given  : the measure of one angle of a right triangle is 38 degrees more than the measure of the smallest angle.

To find : find the measures of all three angles.

Solution : We have given a right angle triangle

We know that in right angle one angle  = 90 ° .

Let the smaller angle = x .

According to question :

Other angle = 38 + x

By the angle sum property of triangle:  sum of all angle is 180° .

x + 38 +x + 90 = 180.

2x + 38 + 90 = 180.

2x + 128 = 180 .

On subtracting both sides by 128.

2x = 180 - 128.

2x = 52

On dividing both sides by 2.

x = 26.

Smaller angle = 26

second angle 26 +38 = 64

Third angle = 90.

90+ 64 + 26 = 180.

Therefore, 26° , 64° , 90° all three angles of right angle triangle.

How to solve 29+d=54;24,25,26


29 + d = 54
subtract 29 from both sides
d= 54-29

2. Refer to the figure below. The interior angles formed by the sides of a quadrilateralhave measures that sum to 360°, what is the value of x?________



Your value of x will be 28°

Step-by-step explanation:

First, we'll need to find the length of the two obtuse angles. To do this, you add them together. 124 + 124 = 248°.

Since we know that the entire interior measure of the figure is 360°, you have to subtract 248 from 360 to find out the measure of the two unknown angles together.

The sum of the two unknown angles is 112°.

Now, you have to divide 112 by 4, since both of the angles multiply x by two.

112 divided by 4 is equal to 28.

This means the value of x is equal to 28°

I'll check this just to be sure. First I'll start with the top two angles:

2 x 28 = 56

56 + 56 = 112

Then I'll add it to the bottom two angles:

248 + 112 = 360°

I hope this answers your question!

Rachel jogged a long a trail that was of 1/8 mile long . she jogged the 8 times. how meny miles trail did Rachel jog in all


It's 1 mile. She ran an 8th if an mile. If the ran 1/8 of a mile 8 times, it adds up to 1 mile.