How do u determine the number of zeros to annex in the product of 0.002 and 0.003


Answer 1
Answer: You add the number of places from the number to the decimal.

In this case .002 is 3 place and so is .003
The answer is .000006

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Luke is building a storage building and needs to have a slab of concrete poured. He knows the contractor charges an initial cost of $95 plus an additional $3.50 per square foot of concrete. Which function can be used to determine the cost, in dollars, to pour a concrete slab with an area of x square feet?



95+3.50x=total price to pour the concrete.

Step-by-step explanation:

95 represents the initial amount the contractor charges. 3.50x represents $3.50 times the amount of square feet bieng poured. You add these two terms together to get your total amount owed to the contractor.



Step-by-step explanation:

In a sample of 200 observations, there were 80 positive outcomes. Find the standard error for the sample proportion.


The standarderror for the sample proportion 0.3995.

What is Standard Error?

The population mean's likelihood to differ from a sample mean is indicated by the standard error of the mean, or simply standard error. It reveals how much the sample mean would change if a study were to be repeated with fresh samples drawn from a single population.


n= 200

and possible outcomes= 80

Standard deviation = √(80²/200)= 5.65

Now, standard error = \sigma / √n

                                  = 5.65/√200

                                   = 0.3995

Hence, the standard error for the sample proportion 0.3995.

Learn more about standard error here:



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What are the values of the coefficients and constant in the function?

Please answer the question from the attachment.


35 degrees Celsius because 5÷9 is .333 and .333×(95-32)= About 35. Hope that helped :D

Which is equivalent to 3x/x+5 - x-5/x



B. (2x^2+25)/(x(x+5))

Step-by-step explanation:


= (3x^2)/(x(x+5)) - ((x-5)(x+5))/(x(x+5)) = (3x^2-(x-5)(x+5))/(x(x+5))

= (3x^2-(x^2-25))/(x(x+5))

= (2x^2+25)/(x(x+5))

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