What is the number 4,305,012 written in expanded notation


Answer 1
Answer: 4,000,000 + 300,000 + 00,000 + 5,000 + 000 + 10 + 2. I hope that helps! ((Btw the 00,000 & 000 are optional, you don't have to put them.))
Answer 2
4000+ 300,000+5000+12 is the expanded form for that number

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12.24 divided by 0.34 =36
12.24÷0.34= 0.36. Because 34×3= 102 so 12.2 minus 102= 204 then you do 34 × 6= 204 so 204 minus 204 = 0

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The quotient of 2 non-zero integers is seldom another integer.
In fact, the quotient is another integer ONLY when the divisor
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Can someone please help me?



1 solution --> y=-13/2

Step-by-step explanation:


7y +21=5y+8




In which expression should the exponents be multiplied?2 to the power of 9 then 2 to the pwer of 7
(6 to the power of 10)-7
(1/2) to the power of 3*(1/2) to the power of 5
5 to the power of 2 * * 5 to the power of 4


\left(a^n\right)^m=a^(n\cdot m)\n\ntherefore,\ your\ answer:\n\n\left(6^(10)\right)^(-7)=6^(10(-7))=6^(-70)

The answer is (6 to the power of 10)-7

I hope this helps!!