What addition doubles fact can help you find 4+3


Answer 1
Answer: 3+3=6+1=7 because 4+3 doesn't equal to an even number so that means you have to add 3+3 together and add 1 to the answer of 3+3.

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Hey guys I need help with this math problem so what's 6x-(3x-7)+1


We have to simplify 6x-(3x-7)+1. First we have multiply -1 (invisible -1 in front on parenthesis) by each argument inside the parenthesis.
Lets do this
Now we can simplify 6x with -3x and 7 with 1 to get
6x-3x+7+1=3x+8 - its our result
Just so you know, you posted this question in the English section.

anyway the answer is PEMDAS

so the parenthasees is tricky
remember that -(3x-7) means -1(3x-7) so it equals -3x-(-7)

Give me a synonym for problem solver


Solution finder fits perfectly

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0.46 multiplied by 10 exponent 3


460 is the answer to your question

0.46 x 1000 = 460

When multiplying a decimal by a 1 with zero(s), you'll have to count the zeros and then move the decimal point to the left by how many zeros there are.

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Well, discrimination is treating a person differently because they are not the same as you or others. If a person is discriminated, he or she could get beat up or something for being different.Also, racism is part of discrimination, and people get bullied because of their race
It's an example of bullying because bullying and discrimination involves any kind of unwanted harassment.