What were the consequences of searching for gold in Texas


Answer 1
Answer: The most significant consequence of thousands searching for gold in Texas was that it cause a spike in population and migration to the region--although a majority of people did not end up finding gold. 
Answer 2

Answer: Many people decided to live in Texas and move their families in so that they could search for gold. In the end most people who were searching for gold did not find any but instead the population just grew bigger.

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How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? Randi's dog greeted her excitedly at the front door. A. subject B. direct object C. subject complement D. object of a preposition underlined pronoun her
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Please help! Which sentence uses a verb that agrees with its subject? A. Julia, like her twin brother Jason, swim very well. B. The cellular phones inside that display case is also able to take digital photos. C. The bird behind those bushes appear to be a blue jay. D. The storm drains on Main Street were flooded.
Which verb agrees with its subject? __________ you mean the famous showman? A. Does B. Doesn't C. Do D. Does not

What is the definition of streak?


A long, thin line made from a substance or colour.

Streak, the colour of a mineral in its powdered form. It is usually obtained by rubbing the mineral on a hard, white surface, such as a tile of unglazed porcelain, so as to yield a line, or streak, of fine powder.

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Direct quotations should constitute no more thanpercent of the total words of the research paper.


Answer: 10 percent


A direct quotation is a report of the exact same words of an author and is placed inside quotation marks (") in a written work. They differ from the indirect quotation because in those you paraphrase, write with your own words, what the author said.

  If your quotations constitute more than ten percent of the research paper you would make your own paper hard to read because you´ll move from one quotation to another. The quotation must be used only to support your own ideas or refute the other author´s ones.

Which statement best describes a similarity in purpose between the frames and excerpt



C: Both inform the reader that Faryad and Liaqat were not given the chance to tell their version of events at the police station.


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In the frames, both Faryad and Liaqat put their fingerprint on a piece of paper when they are at the police station. However, neither of them  are given a chance to tell their story. In Faryad case, "the police write down what they claim has happened". The testimony in the report is not Faryad. In Liaquat's case, after he put his fingerprint on the paper, he was told to leave and not given any interview.

Option D is incorrect because the reader is not the one responsible for investigating what Faryad and Liaqat were prevented from saying. It does make the reader curious and interested, but the reader can't do the investigation. Option B is wrong because there is no miscommunication. Option A is wrong because there is no proof or even mention of a death in either the frames or the excerpt.


He _________ that something had changed. A.noticing B.noticed



The answer that would make the most literate sense would be B. noticed

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Final answer:

The correct completion of the sentence is 'He noticed that something had changed', as 'noticed' is the past tense form that fits with the rest of the sentence.


The appropriate way to complete the sentence He _________ that something had changed is by using the past tense verb 'noticed'. So the sentence would read as He noticed that something had changed. This is because the action of noticing occurred in the past, and 'noticed' correctly connects the subject 'he' to this past action. The other options, 'noticing', 'noticeable', and 'notice' are not correct in this context.

Learn more about past tense verb here:



Is the underlined clause independent or subordinate? I wrote the number on a notepad so that I would not forget it.
(UNDERLINED IS I wrote the number on a notepad )


A subordinate clause, or a dependent clause is a group of words that cannot form a sentence.

Now ask yourself, can 'I wrote the number on a notepad' stand alone ? Yes, it can.

Now an independent clause, is a group of words with a subject and a predicate, and it can stand alone as one sentence.

Since 'I wrote the number on a notepad' can stand alone, it is considered as an independent clause.

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Insert the correct prepositions.1. to deal ...
2. to check ...
3. to rely ...
4. to check ...
5. to care ...
6. to end ... a draw
7. to fall...
8. to take ...
9. ... the corner ....
10. to insist...
11. to look ...
12. to be ... trouble
13. to be good...
14. to lean ...
15. to drop...


1 with
2 on
3 on
4 on
5 for
6 in
7 in
8 on
9 in and of
10 on
11 at
12 in
13 at
14 on
15 in
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