in what way does a specialized cell in a multicellular organism differ from the cell of a unicellular organism


Answer 1

Answer:the correct answer is it performs all functions

Explanation: i just did a quiz and got it right

Answer 2
Answer: Unicellular organism has only one cells and the other has two or more

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Compare and Contrast Western US and Eastern US


Answer: It rains a lot on the East Coast, and other than the state of Washington, it is as dry as a bone on the West Coast. The East is fast-paced, while the West Coast moves at a more leisurely pace.


The Western US and Eastern US are two distinct regions with unique characteristics. Here are some key points to compare and contrast them:

1. Geography:

- The Western US is known for its diverse landscapes, including the Rocky Mountains, deserts like the Mojave and Sonoran, and coastal areas like California's beaches. It also has natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park.

- The Eastern US is characterized by the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Lakes, and the Atlantic coastline. It has more forests and a milder climate compared to the Western US.

2. Climate:

- The Western US has a varied climate due to its size and topography. For example, California experiences a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters, while states like Arizona and Nevada have hot desert climates.

- The Eastern US generally has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot and humid summers and cold winters. However, the northern part of the region has a humid continental climate with colder winters and shorter summers.

3. Population and Cities:

- The Western US has a lower population density compared to the Eastern US. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are major economic and cultural centers in the West.

- The Eastern US is more densely populated and home to major cities like New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. These cities are hubs for finance, politics, and culture.

4. Economy and Industries:

- The Western US has a strong focus on technology, entertainment, and agriculture. Silicon Valley in California is known for its tech industry, while Hollywood dominates the entertainment sector. Western states like California and Washington are major agricultural producers.

- The Eastern US has a more diverse economy with industries such as finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Cities like New York City and Boston are financial centers, and states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have a strong manufacturing presence.

5. Cultural Differences:

- The Western US is often associated with a more laid-back and outdoorsy lifestyle. It has a diverse population with influences from various ethnic groups, including Hispanic, Asian, and Native American cultures.

- The Eastern US has a more urban and fast-paced lifestyle. It has a rich history, with cultural influences from European immigrants and a strong emphasis on education and intellectual pursuits.

These are just some of the key differences between the Western US and Eastern US. It's important to note that within each region, there is further diversity and variations in climate, geography, and culture.


The Western US and Eastern US differ in several ways:

1. Climate: The Eastern US generally experiences a humid and subtropical climate, while the Western US has a more varied climate. The West Coast, especially in the state of Washington, receives significant rainfall, while other areas are drier.

2. Landscapes: The Western US is known for its diverse landscapes, including mountains, deserts, and coastal regions. The Eastern US, on the other hand, has more flat terrain and forests, including the famous Appalachian Mountains.

3. Population and Urbanization: The Eastern US is generally more densely populated and has more urban areas, such as New York City, Boston, and Miami. The Western US, while still home to major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, generally has more open spaces and a lower population density.

4. Cultural Differences: The Eastern US has a longer history of European settlement, which has shaped its cultural diversity and historical landmarks. The Western US, being a newer settlement, has a more diverse cultural mix with influences from Native American, Hispanic, and Asian cultures.

5. Time Zone Differences: The Eastern US falls within the Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) zone, while the Western US falls within Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) zone.

Remember, these are just general differences, and each region within the Western US and Eastern US may have distinct characteristics and variations.

Geographically, the Western US is characterized by diverse landscapes such as mountains, deserts, and coastal areas. On the other hand, the Eastern US consists of flatter terrain with a mix of forests, plains, and coastal areas. This geographical difference affects the climate and natural resources of each region.

In terms of climate, the Western US generally experiences a drier and more arid climate, especially in states like California, Nevada, and Arizona. This is due to the presence of large deserts and a lack of consistent rainfall. Conversely, the Eastern US tends to have a more humid climate with more rainfall, particularly along the East Coast.

How do landforms affect animals


Landlords affect animals because depending on what food and water sources are there it could determine whether or not the animal will adapt to that land form

What is VJ-Day? What is VE-day


V-J Day stands for Victory in Japan day, it was when the Japanese surrendered after the dropping of the atomic bombs.

V-E Day stands for Victory in Europe day, it was when Germany surrendered.


V-E (Victory in Europe) Day, the end of the conflict with Hitler's Germany, came first. ... Three months later came V-J (Victory in Japan) Day, the end of the Pacific conflict with Japan. The news came in the evening of August 14, 1945.

Why did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella hesitate until 1492 to fund Columbus’s voyage? please helpppppp




There were several reasons why King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella supported the voyage of Columbus. There was a belief that a shorter route to Asia existed. Spain had a strong interest in trading with Asia. ... The King and Queen of Spain sponsored Columbus because they believed Spain would benefit from his voyages.


There were several reasons why King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella supported the voyage of Columbus. There was a belief that a shorter route to Asia existed. Spain had a strong interest in trading with Asia.

The King and Queen of Spain sponsored Columbus because they believed Spain would benefit from his voyages.

Your opinion of this ideal:With the help of technology, students will benefit greatly from studying by themselves at home.


I agree with this idea.

Very often, especially when the material is difficult, studying needs to be adjusted to the particular learner, and this can easily be achieved when studying at home. However, the student needs to have the material to study at home, and some kind of supervision. Here, technology helps a lot: it provides a lot of material, including some interactive exercises and allows for on-line supervision.

Please helpWhich of the folliwing is the best example of a foreign policy

A law protecting patent rights for inventors
A resolution to join an international trade organization
A decison to hire and train new port inspectors
A government grant to conduct environmental research​


The answer is a resolution to join an international trade organization


GDPR is the best privacy policy