When Marla rounded 19.95 to the nearest tenth she found the number change to 20.


Answer 1
Answer: Yes, Marla is correct.

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the bakers at healthy bakery can make 210 bagel in 10 hours. how many bagels can they bake in 20 hours?what was that rate per hour
$3.75 rounded to the nearest dollar
Write an equation to represent the statement: x over 5 is 1.08.Need help ASAP
5y-10=x in slope intercept form
Bernadette bought two piece of ribbon .one piece is 6 1/4 feet long,and the other is 11 1/2 feet long.find the total length of the ribbon.

Adele started her homework at 9:10. she finished at 9:45. how long did she spend on her homework?


she spent 35 minutes
She spent 35 minutes because 9:45 - 9:10 is 35.

Malika decides to use some of her savings to buy a bicycle. She compares the prices of 3 brands of bicycles: the RacerZ, the Speedmonster, and the Swiftee. The Speedmonsters price is $64.80. The RacerZ is $20 less than 2.5 times the price of the Speedmonster. The Swiftee is 1.09 times the price of the RacerZ. What are the prices of the RacerZ and the Swiftee


The prices of RacerZ and the Swiftee bicycles are $142 and $154.78.

What is multiplication?

In Maths, the basic explanation of multiplication is adding a number, with respect to another number, repeatedly.

Given that, The Speed monster's price is $64.80. The RacerZ is $20 less than 2.5 times the price of the Speed monster. The Swiftee is 1.09 times the price of the RacerZ.

According to question,

Price of RacerZ = 2.5*64.80-20 = $142

Price of Swiftee = 142*1.09 = $154.78

Hence, The prices of RacerZ and the Swiftee bicycles are $142 and $154.78.

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The RacerZ costs $141 and the Swiftee costs $1410

A box has 6 beads of the same size, but all are different colors. Tania draws a bead randomly from the box, notes its color, and then puts the bead back in the box. She repeats this 3 times. What is the probability that Tania would pick a yellow bead on the first draw, then a blue bead, and finally a yellow bead again?1 over 216

1 over 36

1 over 6

1 over 2

I;m thinking its 1/6 but I'm not sure


It is 1/6 because you only have 6 beads in total meaning that you have a one out of 6 chance of pulling out the yellow bead


it is  1/216

Step-by-step explanation:


Tim sold half of his comics collection and then bought 16 more. If he now has 36, how many did he begin with?


Tim began with 40 comics

Further explanation:

The equation involve linear equation as there is only one object i.e. comic books


Let x be the number of comic books Tim began with

Then after selling half comics Tim will have x/2 comics remaining

Now when he buys 16 more the expression will be:


He has total 36 books, then

(x)/(2)+16= 36

Subtracting 16 from both sides

(x)/(2)+16-16= 36-16

{(x)/(2)}= 20\n

Multiplying 2 on both sides

{(x)/(2)}* 2= 20*2\nx=40

We can recheck, if he had 40, half of them will be 20 and adding 16 makes them 36.

Tim began with 40 comics

Keywords: Equation in one variable, linear equations

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At a restaurant you order a lunch that cost $6.50 and a beverage that cost $1.50. You leave a 20% tip, how much money did you leave as the tip


$1.6, 20% of $8 ($6.5+$1.5) is $1.6



Step-by-step explanation:




so 6.50+1.50+.30=8.30

you left .30 cent as a tip to the waiter.

In a class of 24 students 13 students sold over 150 raffle tickets each and the rest of the class sold about 60 raffle tickets each. The class goal was to sell 2000 tickets. Did they reach their goal? Explain.


First we need to find out what the number of the rest of the class is. 24-13 is 11. So since 13 kids sold 150 each, we would need to multiply them, that would give us 1950. Then we need to find out the total of the 11 kids that sold 60 each. 60 times 11 is 660. Then we need to add 1950 and 660. That gives us 2610 tickets. That is more than 2000, so they reach their goal.