How to write in word form 0.326


Answer 1
Answer: zero and three hundred twenty-six thousandths.

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My grandson is about as many days as my son in weeks, and my grandson is as many months as I am in years. My grandson, my son and I together are 120 years. Can you tell me my age in years ?
Line segment EF is shown on the coordinate grid:
What is 1.04 in a fraction in simplest form?
Cindy needs to order 150 invitations which are sold in packs of 20. How many packs does Cindy need to buy?A) 6 B) 7 C) 8 D) 9
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Whats the answer to this maths question please?

Increase £60 by 10%


answer= 66
10% of 60 is 6 (60/10)
then u add 6 to 60 to get 70

A cone has a height of 16 feet and a radius of 8 feet. What is its volume?Use ​ ≈ 3.14 and round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

Can you also write down the formula to solve it.




Step-by-step explanation:

your formula π (pi) * r² * h

substitute r² for 8 and h for 16

the answer is 1,072.33

The answer is 1,072.33 :)

What number goes into 104 and 60?


Well I don't know ! 
Let's find out:

The factors of 104 are  1,  2,  4,  8,  13,  26,  52, and  104 .

The factors of 60 are  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  10,  12,  15,  20,  30, and  60 .

The common factors (the numbers that go into both 104 and 60) are 

           1,  2, and  4 . 

Which sets of numbers are closed under addition?Choose all answers that are correct.

whole numbers

natural numbers

negative integers



All of the answers are correct because when ever you add any of these numbers to themselves, the answer will always be from that set of numbers. For example, negative+negative= negative. Hope this helped!

I think it's A. whole numbers

I need the answer how to do


make a bar graph about the length of letters in an animal's name

What shape is j??????????


J is a trapezium/trapezoid.
The picture i have attached may help you more.
J is a right trapezoid.  It is a right trapezoid because it has a 90 degree,  or right,  angle.  That is the angle that makes a perpendicular,  or square-like,  shape if it were to intersect with another line.