Isaac used 1/4 of an ounce of nuts to make 1/12 pound of cake


Answer 1
Answer: Do 1/12 + 1/4 which would be 4/12 simplified to 1/3
Answer 2
Answer:  4             1
----    =     -----
12             3

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Find the inverse of the function d(x) = 2x - 4
On a map the scale is 1.5 inches to 5 miles. If the distance measured on the map from one town to another is 10.5 inches, then how many miles is the distance between towns
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Sandy has box of chocolates. Box cost $2.00. In box has 8 chocolates. How much does each chocolate cost.


so you must find individual prices.

Start by doing the price($2.00)divided by the amount in box(8) 

you should get 0.25 or 25 cents per chocolate
Divide $2.00 by 8 and your answer is $0.25

Paul owes Paula 35 cents and has a pocket full of 5-cent coins, 10-cent coins, and 25-cent coins that he can use to pay her. What is the difference between the largest and the smallest number of coins he can use to pay her?GIVE U MANY POINTS!!!!!!


5 cents is the answer because u can use 7 5 cent pieces or a 25 cent peice and 10 cent piece to get 35. 7-2=5

1200/180 =

(can someone please help me I'm desperate)


Using a calculator, 1200/180 = 6.67 approximately

If you use long division, then you'll get what you see in the diagram below

The 6's go on forever after the decimal point, but if you round to two decimal places, then you'll get that approximate value of 6.67


If you want a remainder, then 1200/180 = 6 remainder 120

You can think of it like you having 1200 cookies and 180 friends. Each friend will get 6 whole cookies and there will be 120 left over as the remainder.

What is the definition of an angle?


An angle is defined as the figure, in which two rays meet at a common point called the vertex.

What is an Angle

Angles are formed when two lines intersect at a point. The measure of the 'opening' between these two rays is called an 'angle'. It is represented by the symbol ∠. Angles are usually measured in degrees and radians, which is a measure of circularity or rotation. In geometry, an angle is formed when two rays are joined at their endpoints. These rays are called the sides or arms of the angle. Let us read about the different parts of an angle.

There are two main parts related to an angle - the arms and the vertex. Vertex is a common endpoint that is shared by the two rays. Observe the figure in which the vertex O is marked as the joining point of the two arms.

An angle is measured in degrees. One full rotation around a point forms a complete angle of 360°.

Learn more on angles here;


the space (usually measured in degrees) between two intersecting lines or surfaces at or close to the point where they meet.

Factor the polynomial completely.Find a GCF: –2x2 + 2 + 5x3 – 5x
GCF = –2 GCF = 5x
Factor out the GCF: –2(x2 – 1) + 5x(x2 – 1)

Which product of prime polynomials is equivalent to the original polynomial?

(–2 – 5x)(x2 – 1)
(–2 + 5x)(x2 – 1)
(–2 – 5x)(x – 1)(x + 1)
(–2 + 5x)(x – 1)(x + 1)



Option D is correct

Step-by-step explanation:

The original polynomial is:

–2x2 + 2 + 5x3 – 5x

Arranging in decreasing power of x:

5x^3 - 2x^2 -5x+2

Factoring the given polynomial by grouping:

5x^3 - 2x^2 -5x+2\n=5x^3-5x- 2x^2+2\n=5x(x^2-1)-2(x^2-1)\n=(5x-2)(x^2-1)

Now, (x^2-1) can be further solved using formula:




So, (5x-2)(x-1)(x+1) represents the factors of -2x2 + 2 + 5x3-5x

Hence Option D is correct.

Answer: the answer is D

Step-by-step explanation:

the screen has proof it is correct... also please STOP deleting my answers its all ways the same person and its getting really annoying when im giving you the correct answer, im just trying to help :(

For the school play, adult tickets cost $4 and children tickets cost $2. Natalie is working at the ticket counter and just sold $20 worth of tickets. What are all the possible ticket combinations for $20 worth of tickets?


8 kids, one adult
4 adults, 2 kids
4 kids, 3 adults