What is spiderella mean


Answer 1
Answer: What IS spiderella mean. I think what DOES spiderella mean.

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Which sentence most clearly uses an ethos appeal?A. The look on this poor child's face is the only reason you need todonate todayB. If you buy our stock now, you can double your money before theyear is out.C. As a professor of ancient history, I know a thing or two aboutclassical Greece.D. All of you should feel ashamed for not doing anything about crimein America.

Which sentence uses all its subject pronouns correctly? A.
Us and Paul go fishing on the weekends with our dads.

Mom and her enjoy going out to dinner.

We and they had our pictures taken yesterday.

Them and me cleaned out the garage.


B. Mom and her enjoy going out to dinner.

This is correct because the others should be like this:

A.  We go fishing on the weekends with our dads.

C. We had our pictures taken yesterday.

D. We cleaned out the garage.

So the only one left that is correct is B.

Hope this helps!! (:

Which word correctly completes the sentence? _______ turn is it to do the washing up?
1. Who’s
2. Whose
3. Whom
4. Which



What is the principal part of the underlined verb in the sentence? He flew across the country to visit his grandparents. A. past B. present C. present participle D. past participle


The verb, I assume, is "flew" and the tense is A. past.

if it was any of the other options, "fly:  would be in a dfferent form :

B. present
he flies

C. presentparticiple

he did something, flying

D. past participle
he has flown

Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? __________ should we ask about the broken water fountain? A. Who's B. Who C. Whose D. Whom I think it would be "Who"


The answer is B: Who \
  Hope it helps!!

Which best describes the underlined words in the sentence? The astronomy students went on a field trip to the observatory.
A. compound subject
B. simple subject
C. complete subject

(the astronomy students is underlined)


The astronomy students is C. Complete subject. This is because complete subjects are subjects which contain more than one word. Compounds subjects would be a lot more complex and this one is fairly simple. 

Complete subject seems to make the most sense :\

PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!! AN EXPLANATION WITH YOUR ANSWER ISA MMMMUUUSSSTTTTTTTTTT REQUIREMENT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE POINTS AND THE BRAINLIEST ANSWER!!! What can be inferred about Roman society from the fact that, in City, some of the people who build Verbonia are slaves?

All people were not treated equally in ancient Rome.

Most ancient Romans were ashamed of owning slaves.

Slavery was an institution that ancient Romans invented.

Most of the slaves in ancient Rome were from Greece.


A. All people were not treated equally in archaic Rome. The reason for this being you answer is because Romans didn't engender slavery, and the Romans weren't inglorious. Slaves emanated from many of the pats.

I hope this helps!
The answer is A. All people were not were not treated equally in ancient Rome. That can be inferred because Verbonia was partly built by slaves which meant that slaves must have been owned in Rome thus proving that all people were not treated equally.  
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