In a work of nonfiction, what is an alphabetical listing of important words, phrases, and concepts and the page numbers on which they are mentioned called? A.
the table of contents

the index


the glossary

the thesaurus



Answer 1
Answer: The index. Th index contains a list of key words mentioned and where to find them. The table of contents contains a list of major headings representing large chunks of text within them. The glossary tells you what key words mean, and the thesaurus is a list of synonyms and antonyms
Answer 2

B) The Index

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Can you help me with 6 please?
Which sentence uses italics or quotation marks correctly? A.The Italian composer Gioachino Rossini wrote an opera titled "William Tell."B.While you may not know the opera, many people recognize part of the overture from William Tell as the theme from an old TV show, The Lone Ranger.C.Rossini also wrote an opera titled "Cinderella," based on the popular fairy tale.D.Another opera by Rossini, The Thieving Magpie, features a lively overture that many people recognize.
Which verb form correctly completes the sentence? The next day, Kimberly ______ out of bed, excited to go snowmobiling again.A.springedB.had sprungC.sprangedD.sprang
Identify whether each sentence uses active voice or passive voice.My family owns eleven iPods because we love music.Like other digital music players, iPods serve as useful storage devices.
“I didn't know that Cheshire cats always grinned; in fact, I didn't know that cats COULD grin.”“They all can,” said the Duchess; “and most of 'em do.”“I don't know of any that do,” Alice said very politely, feeling quite pleased to have got into a conversation.“You don't know much,” said the Duchess; “and that's a fact.”What is the effect of the short sentences on the dialogue?They make the dialogue smooth and serene.They make the dialogue lively and humorous.They make the dialogue formal and elegant.They make the dialogue into a song.

Which words are antonyms


antonyms are opposite in meaning to another. Some examples are - (good - bad) (agree - disagree) (honest - dishonest) (hot-cold) it’s just any words that are complete opposite from each other and it can be more then one word. If a question were to ask what are antonyms of hot you could say cold, freezing, cool, arctic, frigid, etc
An antonym is the opposite of something, so the antonym of ugly would be pretty, the antonym of good would be bad etc.

s the underlined verb a linking verb or a helping verb? The fossils were found in Arizona. A. linking verb B. helping verb


its a because were found is a linking verb if you need any more help just ask

In the sentence, "The carpenter hit the nail with a hammer," what is the adverb or adverbial phrase?


Answer: hammer

Manner with a hammer The carpenter hit the nail with a hammer.


Answer:with hammer/hammer

Explanation:i DONT know how to explain I just know the answer but trust me

NEED HELP ASAP!!How does the Lizabeth interact with her younger brother, Joey, in "Marigolds"?

A. Lizabeth treats Joey like he's invisible and ignores him.

B. Lizabeth thinks Joey acts like a baby and he embarrasses her.

C. Lizabeth thinks Joey is inferior but they are close companions.

D. Lizabeth treats Joey like he's an equal and they are inseparable.


d.lizabeth treats joey like he's an equal and they are inseparable.

Write a sentence that mentions a foreign country,a sport,and an athlete.


Writing a sentence in the English language involves definite rules. We must start the sentence with a capital alphabet and end with proper punctuation that is required in the sentence. Sentences are of different types like Assertive, Interrogative, Exclamatory, etc. We must generate a sentence, depending on the emotion or information it needs to convey.  

Here, we are provided three specific subjects to mention in the statement. I will be providing you with two sentences so as to make it easy for you to compare and understand the process of forming a sentence.

1. Ronaldo leads Portugal in almost every international football championship.

2. Spain wants Messi to join their international soccer team.

Which sentence, if placed between sentences 3 and 4 would most improve theclarity of paragraph?
A. In instant runoff voting, voters identify not only a first candidate,
but also their second-place choice.
B. It would be difficult to change the voting system in America
because the electoral college has been in place for so long.
C. There is a movement to use instant runoff voting in the United
States to make voting fairer.
D. Countries using instant runoff voting include Australia and some
European nations.


The correct answer choice is a