The year is 1714. You are in a dark Spanish prison. You wake up to find yourself tied to a table with ropes. In the darkness you hear a rhythmic swishing sound-something going back and forth, back and forth. Eventually your eyes get accustomed to the dark and see that the source of the sound is a sharp bade at the end of a long pendulum that’s swinging back and forth over your body. With each sweep it gets a little lower-and a little closer to your chest. You note how long it takes between those swishes: exactly 7 seconds. And with each swish, the blade drops 1 inch lower. The last passing was only 15 inches above your chest. It won’t be much longer before the blade slices right through you. Should you scream for help? That would probably just summon a guard, who would run through with a sword then and there. But wait! You see a rat by your arms and he’s gnawing at the rope that binds you to the table. In fact, he has only 1 minute to go before he gnaws through it all the way. When he does that, you can get free! Will the rat chew through the rope before or after the blade has slashed through your chest? How much time do you have exactly?


Answer 1
Answer: If the rat will chew through the rope in 60 seconds you will be free.
In 7 seconds it will be 14 inches from your chest
In 14 seconds it will be 13 inches from your chest
In 21 seconds it will be 12 inches from your chest
In 28 seconds it will be 11 inches from your chest 
In 35 seconds it will be 10 inches from your chest
In 42 seconds it will be 9 inches
In 49 seconds it will be 8 inches
In 56 seconds it will be 7 inches
In 63 seconds it will be 6 inches  (and you will be free since the rat finished)
In 70 seconds it will be 5 inches
In 77 seconds it will be 4 inches
In 84 seconds it will be 3 inches
In 91 seconds it will be 2 inches
In 98 seconds it will be 1 inch
You have 6 seconds before it swings again and cuts you so you have 104 seconds exactly but lucky for you the rat chewed through the rope 44 seconds ago.

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6(p÷x) - 2x , if p = 6 and x = 3


Answer: I do declare the answer it's 6

Step-by-step explanation:

1) plug in 6 for p and plug in 3 for x.

You get:

6(6 ÷ 3) - 2(3)

6(2) - 6

12 - 6 = 6


u commented on one of my posts asking if i go to palcs and i do! cool B)

Step-by-step explanation:

A stereo that normally sells for $125 is on sale for $90. By what percent has the price of the stereo been reduced?


If stereo that normally sells for $125 is on sale for $90 then  price of the stereo has been reduced by 28%.

What is Percentage?

percentage, a relative value indicating hundredth parts of any quantity.

To find the percentage reduction in price, we need to calculate the difference between the original price and the sale price

Divide the difference by the originalprice, and then multiply by 100 to express the answer as a percentage.

The reduction price is difference between the One hundred twenty five and ninety.

The reduction in price is:

$125 - $90 = $35

So, the stereo has been reduced by $35.

To find the percentage reduction, we divide the reduction by the original price and multiply by 100:

$35/$125 x 100%


When zero point two eight is multiplied with hundred we get twenty eight.

= 28%

Therefore, the price of the stereo has been reduced by 28%.

To learn more on Percentage click:


so you subtract $90 from $125 and that gives you $35, then you must determine the percentage by trial to see what percent that $35 is of $125, you can tell by looking that it will be near to a third or 33%, but not quite that much, so work backwards from there and try 30% and because that is just a bit more that $35, reduce and try a smaller percentage, 28% of 125 is exactly $35 

A fair number cube is rolled what is the probability that a number greater then 4 is rolled


Answer: 1/3

Step-by-step explanation: Probability is the likelihood that an event will happen.

So to find the probability of rolling a die and the number that appears will be greater than 4, it's important to understand that there are only 2 numbers that are greater than 4 on a die. The two numbers are 5 and 6.

We can find the probability of an event using the following ratio.

Number of favorable outcomes/total number of outcomes.

In this case, since we're asked to find the probability of landing on 5 or 6, the favorable outcomes are rolling a 5 and 6. Since there are two numbers greater than 4 on a dice, the number of favorable outcomes will be 2.

The total number of outcomes is all the numbers on the dice which is 6.

Now we have the fraction 2/6. Since 2/6 is not in lowest terms, we divide the numerator and denominator by 2 and we get 1/3.

1/3 is also equivalent to 33.3333333% which means it's unlikely to roll a 5 or 6.


5 and 6 out of the 6 numbers

A proposed change in income tax suggests charging 25% on a person's income up to $42,000 and then 40% on any income above that. If a person has an income of $68,000, what will their income tax be under the proposal? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.




Step-by-step explanation:

-The income tax is 25% on first $42,000 and 40% on all amounts greater than $42000

#Tax on first $42,000:

Tax=Tax \ Rate* Income\n\n=0.25* 42000\n\n=10500

#Tax on the income balance will be:

Balance=68000-42000=26000\n\nTax=0.4* 26000\n\n=10400

Total income tax=10400+10500=$20,900

Hence, the proposed income tax will be $20,900

Is this expression equivalent?
3v+v and 12v over 3


3v+v=4v ; 12v/3v=4v
4v=4v (hope this helps :))
Yes this is equal because 3v+v is 4v and if you divide 12v by 3 you also get 4v

I purchased a notebook for $3.50 and a pack of pencils for $ 2.50. If the sales tax was 7%, what is the total cost of my purchases? *



6.42 dollar

Step-by-step explanation:





3.50 + 2.50 x 7% = 6.42or
3.50 + 2.50 x 0.07 = 6.42