an elevator starts at the 6th floor. it goes up 7 floors twice then it goes down 10 floors. A second elevator starts on the 20th floor. It goes down 5 floors 3 times, and then it goes up 12 floors. Which elevator ends on a higher floor?


Answer 1
Answer: The second elevator.
Answer 2

The second elevator ends up higher

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perpendicular slope: 1/3

y + 4 = 1/3(x - 2)

y + 4 = 1/3x - 2/3

y + 12/3 = 1/3x - 2/3

y = 1/3x - 14/3

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The answer is y = -2/3x + 4

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5 times 6.2 is your answer!!!:)

15.5 times 2 is another answer

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The place value of the 3 is that the 3 is in the tenths place.


3 in the tens place

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Extra weight for some but not all produces a weighted average.

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First we have to find the unit rate. We have to divide 4.5 by 10 which equals 0.45. So a 1 foot object casts a 0.45 foot shadow. Now we have to multiply 0.45 by 25 to find how feet a 25 foot object casts. 0.45*25 equals 11.25. So therefore a 25 foot object in this case will cast a 11.25 foot shadow