2.Which words are the first and last words of the participial phrase in this sentence?

We went over the whole chapter, beginning with the first page.

went chapter

beginning with

beginning page

over chapter
i think it is b or c
as soon as possible please


Answer 1
Answer: It is either c or b but i think it is b because beginning with isn't really a phrase but Beginning with the first page is a phrase.
I really hope this helps :)
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Answer 2
Answer: The answer is A. went chapter

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hope it helps :)

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B it means you feel amazed or filled with wonder



B. Is correct. "Neither the umbrellas nor the tree protects us from the sun."

Hope this helps! Have a great day :)




Hello, can you check my answer for this question please?Which sentence does NOT contain any errors in comma usage?

She was wearing her new trench coat in the rain. (Choose this one.)

Soft thick deep carpet muffled their steps

Those plants certainly have big green, leaves.

A strange, and mysterious mist rose from the pond.


You are correct, the answer is a.
Yes it would be A.   because there are no commas used or needed. and B. and C. are both using incorrect usage of the commas