Where are the largest gold deposits found?


Answer 1
Answer: In the USA, it is in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
In other countries that keep a gold reserve, it is in a similar
guarded, high-security central facility.

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displacement of rock along a fault usually causes: A volcanic action, B an earth quake, C folding, D lava flows.


it is B. An Earth Quake 

WILL GIVE BRAINLIESTWhich of the following types of maps would a geographer use to represent the location of lakes in each U.S. state? A. cartogram B. topographic map C. Mercator map D. choropleth map E. isoline


A Choropleth map would a geographer use to represent the location of lakes in each U.S. state. Option D is correct.

A topographic map typically focuses on the elevation and physical features of an area, such as mountains, valleys, and terrain contours.

A choropleth map uses different shades or colors to represent different regions or areas and is commonly used to depict quantitative data associated with specific geographical areas.

A choropleth map could be created to show the distribution and density of lakes in each U.S. state. The color or shading intensity can be used to represent the number of lakes or their size, providing a visual representation of the data.

To learn more about the Choropleth map, follow the link:




Topographic map (B)


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Why are the peninsular river seasonal?


peninsular rivers are seasonal because they are highly dependent on rain and if rain does not occur then the peninsular rivers will dry.
The peninsular rivers are seasonal because they depend on rainfall for water.

One question you have about the water cycle ‚Äč



what would happen if water couldn't evaporate?


What factors make earth considered the Goldilocks planet?7th grade academic science


A "Goldilocks Planet" is the right distance from its Sun to allow temperatures for liquid water. Not too hot, not too cold.

The Sun is our primary energy source. The energy Earth receives from the Sun is in balance with the energy our planet loses to space:

- Earth reflects an average 30% of incoming solar energy back to space

- Earth's atmosphere absorbs about 20% of incoming solar energy

- About 50% of solar energy reaches the land and oceans and warms them

- Earth emits 70% of incoming energy back to space as heat (infrared radiation)

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The planet have temperatures not too hot or too cold

What Is a biotic factor?


Biotic factors are organisms that interact with non-living & living parts of an ecosystem.
Egs. badgers, worms, fungi, bacteria, insects.
Anything alive, bio means alive