Which punctuation mark should be used in both spaces in this sentence?The three sports____ cricket, netball and tennis_____ were played
enthusiastically by the family.
1.— (dash)
2. : (colon)
3.… (ellipsis)
4. ; (semicolon)


Answer 1
Answer: I think it's A. The dash can be used in both places
Answer 2
Answer: It might be a Colin or a semicolon which one sounds better

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Which of the following sentences has mixed verb tense and is therefore incorrect I eat and drink only healthy foodsI will call you and told you where to meet meI think I can do it by myselfI will need to see some identification
adjectives tell what kind how many or which one supply an adjective describing the opposite noun example (red)rose .red is an adjective ​
One cultural value conveyed in this poem is the power of nature tobe a nurturing, maternal presence.Which line from the poem best exemplifies this value?A)As a fond mother, when the day is o'er,B)And leave his broken playthings on the floor,9Leads us to rest so gently, that we goD)Being too full of sleep to understand
Monsieur Ratignolle stared a little, and turned to ask Mademoiselle Reisz if she considered the symphony concerts up to the standard which had been set the previous winter. Mademoiselle Reisz answered Monsieur Ratignolle in French, which Edna thought a little rude, under the circumstances, but characteristic.What does this excerpt reveal about Edna’s perception of Mademoiselle Reisz?Edna has had a series of unpleasant exchanges with Mademoiselle Reisz, and she dislikes her immensely.Edna has conflicted feelings about Mademoiselle Ratignolle; she does not always care for the woman, but admires her life choices.Edna sees Mademoiselle Reisz as her closest confidante and her only true kindred spirit.Edna loves Mademoiselle Reisz deeply and wishes nothing but the very best for the woman.
I Think Yall Ma Know This 1 Ill Mark You Brainly

Tap the phrase that compares Marissa’s memories to something


swam like dolphins is the answer


As she worked, Marissa's memories swan like dolphins, diving among the blue and green waves under cool gray skies.


Hope this helps! Youre welcome to give brainlists!

What word means a pleasing flavor


Tasty, delicious, yummy, delectable,pleasant, heavenly, delightful, luscious, tasty, nutritious, good, satisfying, lush, and many more.

hope that this will help you
Ambrosial, tasty, delectible, scrumptious. Any of these words would work.

Read the excerpt from Lord of the Flies."Aren't you going to swim?"

Piggy shook his head.

"I can't swim. I wasn't allowed. My asthma--"

"Sucks to your aZs-mar!"

Piggy bore this with a sort of humble patience.

What does this excerpt tell you about Piggy?


Answer: What this excerpt tell you about piggy is that he's not very adventurous and he is cautious. He likes to follow rules

Explanation: He doesn't want to have fun swimming in the water for a bit because he has asthma and "wasn't allowed" (probably by his parents). Although his parents aren't on the island, he still follows by their rules and doesn't go for a swim.

How are the operating room in the Williams story and the atom-splitting lab in the Fermi story alike? A.
They are both places where highly skilled people work.

They are both places where computers do most of the work.

They are both places where people must remain silent.

They are both places where injured or sick people come for treatment.


The operating room in the Williams story and the atom-splitting lab in the Fermi story were alike in a sense that they are both places where people must remain silent. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the third option or option "C". I hope the answer has helped you.


(C) They are both places where people must remain silent.

Fermi was a physicist of exceptional renown who contributed in a most meaningful way to the defense and well-being of his chosen land and to the improvement of its rational well-being. His biggest achievement, the first supported nuclear chain reaction, took place in a tiny laboratory in Chicago.

What does alcohol symbolize in Treasure Island? A. irrationality B. death C. escape D. freedom


A. The alchohol symbolizes the inability and the irrationality of the pirates to take care of themselves. Some of them drink themselves to death. They are so irrational that they drink a lot. Hope this helps. 
I think its c) but dont get mad at me if im wrong

PLZ HELP ME WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST TYSM!!Find the complete verb phrase in the following sentence, then type it in the box below.

At birth, Jacob was holding Esau's heel.

Complete verb phrase:


Hi, I think the correct verb phrase would be: "was holding Esau's heel"
*was holding Esau’s heel* sorry if I’m wrong doe