A water tank has a capacity of 6.25 kilolitres.How many litres does the water tank hold when it is full?


Answer 1
Answer: Whenever you're dealing with units of measure,
the prefix "kilo..." always means " 1,000 ".

6.25 kiloliters = (6.25) x (1,000 liters) = 6,250 liters .

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30 degrees

Step-by-step explanation:

first you have to find angle TSU which is 70 degrees

you get this my doing 180 - 110

then you add up all the angles in the triangle

so, 80 plus 70

you get 150

then you do 180 - 150 and get 30 degrees

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Answer: C) 1715 ft.

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B. Ft3
Inches cubed would be a massive number because the unit is so small, and Centimeters would be even larger. Meters cubed would work, but the standard unit for American homes is usually square footage, and it you're talking about the volume, cubic footage is also the standard.

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It would be 32 x 12 because there are 12 inches per feet. So the answer would be 384 inches per sec squared. If this is right could you possibly give me brainliest? Hope this helped.

384 in/s2

Conversion rate:
1 ft/s2 = 12 in/s2

(a brainliest would be appreciated)

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you cant simplify it . it is already simplified 
You cannot simplify it further because it is already in its simplest form

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615.44 because area of a circle=pi×radius^2

Answer: 615.44 because area of a circle=pi×radius^2