What Type of Atom Na2CrO4


Answer 1
Answer: Na2CrO4 is not an atom it is a molecule. The MOLECULE is Sodium Chromate. Na is the symbol for Sodium and CrO4 is chromate.

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Every economic decision has
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d) all of these...............

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tape...LOL...just tapethem,job is done
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Finance Homework!! Please help!





Expected return of a portfolio is calculated using the following formula;

R(P) = wF*R(F) +wL*R(L)

R(P) =return of portfolio

wF = weight invested in Fremont

R(F) = return of Fremont

wL = weight invested in Laurelhurst

R(L) = return of Laurelhurst

Next, plug in the numbers to the formula;

R(P) = 0.56*0.13 + 0.44*0.19

R(P) = 0.0728 +0.0836

R(P) = 0.1564 or 15.64%

Expected return of portfolio is therefore 15.64%

What is a key norm for effective collaboration/communication ?



You some what answered yourself


  • Effective collaboration happenes with good communication

Type the correct answer in each box. Spell all words correctly.Read the sentence and determine the correct answer.

Recreational parks hire staff on a _____ or permanent basis, and they usually pay wages on a (n) _______ basis. In comparison, cruise ships pay wages on ______ a basis.

On Pluto


The answers would be as follows

1. contract

2. hourly

3. monthly


The comparison between the work on a cruise ship and the work on Recreational parks is something that can be taken note of in here.

The cruise ships require the person to work unspecified number of hours most of the time as the work on the ship may get unpredictable sometimes.

This is also incomparable to recreational parks that have shifts where the hours can be computed.

So the cruises instead pay people on monthly payroll or simply n a project payroll while the parks can offer hourly wages.