How to convert 350/100 into a percent and decimal


Answer 1
Answer: to convert 350/100 into a percent you need to know that 1/100 is 100 percent. therefore 350/100 should be 350%.

to convert 350/100 into a decimal you need to know that 1/100 is 0.01.
therefore 350/100 should be 3.50

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4y + 36 I don't know how to solve this....
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Oh wait now  i know what you mean, when you see the exponent you multiply the base by the same number that it is by the exponent. 
10*10*10*10*10*10*10*10  You multiply 10 by its self 8 times. Hope this helps! :D

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We can conclude that Δ GHI ≅ Δ JKL by SAS postulate.

Step-by-step explanation:

Δ GHI and Δ JKL are congruents because:

1. Their sides GH and JK are equal (9 units = 9 units)

2. Their included angles ∠G and ∠J are equal (62° = 62°)

3. Their sides GI and JL are equal (17 units = 17 units)

Now, we can conclude that Δ GHI ≅ Δ JKL by SAS postulate.

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64 because each apple is sliced into 8ths and there are 8 apples so 8x8=64

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So she needs 6 sheets. 

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so the solution is 5 we'll start with that

to do reverse multiplcation, you must divide so 

then the other problem

to solvve

multiply by 10

divide both sides by 5

B×3=53÷b=5I beleive that these would work for the standards you have set.

How can i to write 914 as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth.


914.0 or if it is a decmal 9.1