If if takes 3 mins to sew 1in, how many mins will it take to sew 9ft?


Answer 1
Answer: In the given question, there are several information's of immense importance. based on these information's, the required answer can be easily deduced. It is already given that it takes 3 minutes to sew 1 inches. It is required to find the time required to sew 9 ft.Firstly we have to convert the 9 ft into inches.
1 ft = 12 inches
9 ft = (12 * 9) inches
      = 108 inches
To sew 1 inch the time required = 3 minutes
Time required to sew 108 inches = (3 * 108) minutes
                                                     = 324 minutes
So it will take 324 minutes to sew 9 ft
Answer 2
Answer: Multiply 9 times 3 = 27 <-- There's your answer!

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I don't get this question help me


The answer would be C. 2.702, 2.707, 2.72, 2.722

Good luck on your test prep ;)

Greatest common factor of 16 8 32




Step-by-step explanation:

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6 1/2 cups of lemon juice

Step-by-step explanation:

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Please help me I don't get it


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503.525 gallon ( approx )

Step-by-step explanation:


Water hold by of the water tank = 5 gallon

We know that, 1 gallon = 133.228 ounces

⇒ Water hold by of tank in ounces = 5 × 133.228 = 666.139 ounces,

Here, it is given that, 6 bottles that each hold 16 ounces and a pitcher that holds 1/2 gallon is used from tank,

Since, the quantity of water hold by6 bottle in which each hold 16 ounces = 6 × 16 = 96 ounces,

Also, 1/2 gallon = 1/2 × 1 gallon = 1/2 × 133.228 = 66.614 ounces

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Hence, the quantity of water left in the tank = Water hold by of tank in ounces - the total consumed water

= 666.139 - 162.614

= 503.525 gallon

1 gallon is 128 ounces, 5 gallons is 640 ounces. So 6*16=94 ounces Pitcher equals 64 ounces, so 640-158=452, there are 452 ounces of water left

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19.37cm is 74.5% of 26cm so we then we need to take away 19.37 from 26cm that leaves us with 6.63
hope i helped was quite hard just remember the way i did it