In what ways were Nazi Germany's experiences in Russia similar to those of Napoleon.?


Answer 1
Answer: They both expected quick victory and did not prepare for the enduring battle. In both events used a scorch earth strategy where they would burn all the crops as they retreated leaving none for the invading forces to use on their advancement which led to food shortages and the inevitable retreat of napoleon and nazi forces. another factor was they were not prepared for russia's cold winters.

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The North tried to wear down the Confederate States, bring in border states to them as allies and blockade the South of supplies. Their other strategy was to get south to the Confederate capital of Richmond, VA. Their strategy for the West was to

The Confederates wanted to fight defensively and hoped to get French or English allies to send money, food and supplies.They also hoped the North would get tired of the war and demand an end to the war or at least let the Confederate States go.
Confederates on defense and fighting, north was more strategic and laid back

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A general election will result in the president being chosen; a presidential primary will only determine a candidate of a party; you could say that it effectively "narrows down" the number of candidates.

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feudalism in japan was basically just a fight for more land more wealth and more power

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Put the events in the order which they occured|_________________________|
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egypt want kush's gold attacks and conquers kush

snefru encourages trade between egypt and kush

The two countries are indipendant until both fall hundreds of years later

kush looks to expand their kingdom and conquers egypt.


I promise that these are right because I'm looking at the answers because I had the same question.

1. Snefru encourages trade between Egypt and Kush.

2. Egypt and Kush have an independent trading relationship.

3. Egypt want Kush's gold attacks and conquers Kush.

4. Kush looks to expand their kingdom and conquers Egypt.

5. The two countries are independent until both fall hundreds of years later.

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Answer: um i think nvm its wrong sry that i could not help that makes me feel sad :(


Alexander the Great was a legendary ruler. What were some of the myths that rose around his fame?


Some of the myths that rose around Alexander the Great along with his fame is that he became a mythical figure right after his death and overshadowed his real life.

What are myths?

In any kind of conversation, there are many statements that are framed by an individual that have been delivered to another person. When it comes to the types of statements, some of them are true and some of them are false.

These kinds of false statements are also called myths. Most of the time, these statements are made so that a negative image of a famous personality can be created in the minds of people.

Just like the greatest Emperor ever, Alexander the Great, he also faced some of the myths that were just written after his death. He became a mythical figure right after his death and this overshadowed his real life.

Thus, these are some of the myths that were created about Alexander.

Learn more about myths from here:


The legend of Alexander started spreading right after Alexander's death and overshadowed his real life. Alexander became a mythical figure, a theme for folk-songs, epics and anecdotes. Even his name was modified or distorted.