What would be the cost to each person in the United States to build a Death Star if it's cost would be 9*10^14 dollars? Express your answer to one significant figure.


Answer 1
Answer: The Death Star makes me nervous and I'd rather not discuss it.
Let's just do the math.

The population of the USA is estimated as 316.1 million today.

($9 x 10^14) / (3.161 x 10^8) =$2.85 million per person 

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Soil liquefaction occurs when
What is the capital of Zimbabwe
How is a plateau similar to a plain?
Choose all the answers that apply.Coal _____.is nonrenewablereleases carbon dioxide when burnedreleases fewer toxins than natural gasis an igneous rockforms from organic remains
The mixed economy of Australia is becoming more of a market economy as fewer economic decisions are made byA. the military.B. the government.C. workers.D. private industry.

Which two countries have cultures that share the same colonial influence?A. Morocco and Tunisia
B. Bangladesh and Cambodia
C. Australia and Philippines
D. Madagascar and South Africa


Morocco was colonized by the French (they stayed until 1956) and so did Tunisia - also until 1965, so A) is the correct answer.

Cambodia was also a french colony, but Bangladesh was British.

Australia was also British, but Philippines were Spanish
And finally, Madagascar was French, while South Africa was British!

Who led the Japanese army, and what happened in Nanjing?



The Nanjing massacre occurred between December 1937 – January 1938.


Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, uncle in law to the emperor of Japan, was sent to lead Japanese forces against the Chinese during the Second Sino-Japanese War. After being defeated in Shanghai, the main Chinese army retreated to the countryside to give them an advantage over Japan. This left the city of Nanjing with limited soldiers and their civilians. The city was taken by the Japanese in one day. However, the occupation lasted 6 weeks. It is estimated that between 20,000 – 80,000 women were raped and around 300,000, mainly civilians, were killed.  

In what way did the Roman Empire influence language


Because in the Roman Empire most people spoke Latin, which a the base of all languages. They created and spoke the language that is now the base for most languages.
The Romans created the latin roots, which people use as the base for the English language.
I think that is correct ^

What happens when a rock falls?F. It breaks
G. It deforms elastically
H. It deforms plastically
I. It folds
I honestly do not understand this at all! Please help!


None of these is the correct answer when a rock fall from a high place I could break but if you simply pick it up and drop it it simply hits the ground

Match the renewable energy resource with its source. 1 . movement of water biomass 2 . organic waste geothermal 3 . movement of air hydroelectric 4 . sun solar 5 . heat from the earth wind


Renewable energy resource with its source. Despite the fact that the majority of renewable energy sources are sustainable, some are not.

What is Renewable energy?

Energy that is derived from resources that can be regenerated naturally over time and are therefore considered to be renewable. It includes energy sources like sunlight, wind, water currents, and geothermal heat.

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that replace themselves more quickly than they are used up. Examples of such sources that are continuously replenished are the sun and the wind.

Wind, sunlight, bioenergy (organic matter burned as fuel), and hydroelectricity, including tidal energy, are a few examples of renewable energy sources.

Producing energy from fossil fuels with no greenhouse gas emissions while lowering some forms of air pollution. increasing energy supply diversity and decreasing reliance on imported fuels. fostering economic growth and employment in manufacturing, installation, and other fields.

1.  Movement of water- HYDROELECTRIC

2. Organic waste - BIOMASS

3. Heat from the earth- GEOTHERMAL

4. Movement of air -WIND

5. Sun- SOLAR

Learn more about Renewable energy, here



Match the renewable energy resource with its source.

1.  Movement of water


2. Organic waste  


3. Heat from the earth


4. Movement of air  


5. Sun


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they are all composed of nearly horizontal layers that are capped by a resistant rock layer, usually meaning they were formed when the pangaea broke apart.


the answer is the first one I guess