The year 2036 will be the fifth leap year after 2016. Name the years from 2016 to 2036 that are leap years. What pattern did you use?


Answer 1
Answer: every 4 years there is a leap year so 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036

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Jared is redoing his bathroom floor with tiles measuring 6 in. by 14 in. The floor has an area of 8,900 in. What is the least number of tiles he will need?


The least number of tiles Jared will need, if Jared is redoing his bathroom floor, with tiles measuring 6 in. by 14 inches, The floor has an area of 8,900 in, which is 106.

What is the area?

An object's area is how much space it takes up in two dimensions. It is the measurement of the number of unit squares that completely cover the surface of a closed figure.


The measure of tiles = 6 in. by 14 in. ,

The area of the floor = 8900 inches²,

Calculate the area of the tiles as shown below,

Area of tiles = 6 × 14

Area of tiles = 84 inches²

Calculate the number of tiles as shown below,

Number of tiles = The area of the floor / Area of tiles

Number of tiles = 8900 / 84

Number of tiles = 105.9 = 106

To know more about Area:


Firstly we need to find an area of a single tile:

6 * 14 = 84 square inches

Now we just need to find out how many tiles of 84 square inches will fit in an area of 8900 square inches:

8900 ÷ 84 = 105,952380952381

Assuming we can't cut a tile into pieces, we may round the result to 106.

Answer: The least number of tiles Jared will need is 106.

M+(-9.5)=-7.8 how do you do this problem


m + (-9.5) = -7.8

First, simplify your brackets. / Your problem should look like: m + -9.5 = -7.8
Second, change addition to subtraction. / Your problem should look like: m - 9.5 = -7.8
Third, add 9.5 to both sides. / Your problem should look like: m = -7.8 + 9.5
Fourth, simplify. / Your problem should look like: m = 1.7

Answer: m = 1.7

10 POINTS! Please help me on the attached file! I keep retaking this over and over again and haven't passed! :D


well 8 divided by 30 = .26 wich is one of the choices so that way might work.

Angelo's pet rabbit weighs 1 pound less than twice the weight of Carmen's pet rabbit.Angelo's pet rabbit weighs 9 pounds. Write an equation that can be used to find (w) , the weight of Carmen's pet rabbit


w=(9+1)/2 i think? its worded strangely

8-1(x-y)=-3x+5 in standard form


standard form is
get all x and y on one side

first distribute

now weh have
add 3x to both sides
minus 8 from both sides

A cone has a base radius of 7 centimeters and a height of 21 centimeters.What is the volume of the cone?

28π cm3

49π cm3

147π cm3

343π cm3


Substitute the values of the radius (r=7), the height (h=21), and an approximation of Pi (3.14) into the formula to find the volume of the cone.

Write 3.14 as a fraction with denominator 1. 

Combine 1/3 and 3.14/1 to get 3.14/3. 

Replace back in to larger expression

Divide 3.14 by 3 to get 1.04666667.

Raise 7 to the power of 2 to get 49.

Multiply 1.04666667 by 49 to get 51.28666667.

Multiply 51.28666667 by 21 to get 1077.02.


343π cm^3