Hey can u help me please here is the question. A piece of lumber is 4.625 feet long. Which mixed number is equivalent to 4.625


Answer 1
Answer: 4.625 as an improper fraction is 37/8. Then just divide 37 by 8.

37 ÷ 8 = 4 5/8

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Yolanda's sunflower plant was 64.34 centimeters tall in July. During August, the plant grew 58.7 centimeters. How tall was Yolanda's sunflower plant at the end of August?
Ginny has two vegetable gardens. in the first garden, Ginny grows tomatoes every 2 years. in the second garden, Ginny grows tomatoes every 3 years.This year, Ginny grows tomatoes in both gardens. in how many years will she grow tomatoes in both gardens again?
The distance between -12 and -5 on a number line?
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Higher order Thinking Millie has 5 yards of blue fabric and 7 yards of pink fabric. How many quilt squares can she make with the fabric she has if both colors are needed to make one square? Explain your reasoning. Amount of Fabric Needed for One Quilt Square Fabric Color Amount Needed 4 yard Blue 3 yard Pink



By limitation of resources, the amount of squares produced would be 20, which can be satisfied by both quantities of fabric cloth.

Step-by-step explanation:

According to the specifications, it is necessary to use 1/4 and blue fabric cloth and 1/3 pink fabric cloth for a square to be manufactured. Thus, according to the amount of Blue fabric and the quantities used, 5 / (1/4) = 20 squares could be manufactured. According to the pink fabric, it could be manufactured 7 / (1/3)) = 21 squares.

Conclusion: By limitation of resources, the amount of squares produced would be 20, which can be satisfied by both quantities of fabric.

You will have 2 yarns of pink fabric left

How do I write 1.75 as a mixed number in simplest form?


Since the 5 is in the hundredths place then, the denominator would be 100. 1 is the whole. 75 would be the numerator. So the mixed number would be 1 75/100. When you simplify 75/100 by 25, your final answer including the whole number would be 1 3/4
You would write it one and thirty four hundreths

What is the reciprocal of the number 2 3/4


C.4/11 is the answer
hope this helps ya ∩ω∩

Judith drove h hours at a rate of 55 mi/h. She did not reach her goal of driving 385 miles for the day. How long did she drive? Write an inequality and then solve for h.


if she did not reach her goal then
miles she drove must be less than 385
miles she drove<385

so rate=55 miles per hour
miles driven=h times 55
55 times h<385
divide both sides by 55
she drove less than 7 hours


x+2y =3
Solve using substitution



Therefore the Final Solution is

x = 1 and y = 1

Step-by-step explanation:


x=y                ...............Equation ( 1 )

x+2y=3         ................Equation ( 2 )

To Find:

x = ?

y = ?


Equating Equation  ( 1 ) in Equation ( 2 ) we get

y+2y=3\n\n3y=3\n\ny=(3)/(3) \n\n\therefore y =1

Now Substituting y = 1 in Equation ( 1 ) we get

x =1\n\n\therefore x=1

Therefore the Final Solution is

x = 1 and y = 1

2 sin^2 (x) -5 sin (x) -3=0 I. Rewrite the equation by substituting the expression u in for sin x.

II. Factor the quadratic expression. Rewrite the equation with factors instead of the original polynomial.

III. Use the zero product property to solve the quadratic equation.

IV. Rewrite your solutions to Part III by replacing u with sin x.

V. Solve the remaining equations for x, giving all solutions to the equation.


we have that

2sin^(2) x-5sin x-3=0

I. Rewrite the equation by substituting the expression u in for sin x.

2u^(2) -5u-3=0

II. Factor the quadratic expression. Rewrite the equation with factors instead of the original polynomial.

2u^(2) -5u-3=0 is equal to

using a graph calculator-----> see the attached figure


III. Use the zero product property to solve the quadratic equation.


(u-3)=0--------------> u=3

(2u+1)=0-------- 2u=-1------> u=-1/2-----> u=-0.5

IV. Rewrite your solutions to Part III by replacing u with sin x.

sin x=3--------> is not the solution (sin x can not be greater than 1)

sin x=-0.50------>is the solution

V. Solve the remaining equations for x, giving all solutions to the equation.

sin x=-0.50

if the sine is negative


x belong to the III or IV quadrant

we know that

sin 30°=0.50


the solution for the III quadrant is

x=180°+30°-------> x=210°

the solution for the IV quadrant is

x=360°-30°------> x=330°