Y = 5x^2 + 7
linear or nonlinear


Answer 1
Answer: the squared term, 5x, represents a quadratic equation, which is **nonlinear**

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It would take 15 minutes.
1.6666666667*3=approx. 5
Hope it hepls :)
It would take 15 minutes.
1.6666666667*3= 5

So if you do 21 divied by 7 that equals 3. then you do 5 divied by 3=1.666666666667 you divide the 3 bc that's the answer you got for 21/7. then you do 1.666666666667 x3. bc you had that answer for the last problem. then you just have 2 multiply 5x3 and that equals 15.

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in a tricycle, there is 1 seat for every 3 wheels so 1:3
i pretty sure its 3:1 , being that there is 3 wheels and one seat

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Yes I will guess or no maybe

What is the correct factorization of x2 + 5x – 6?PICK THE RIGHT ONE (x – 1) (x + 6) (x + 1) (x – 6) (x – 2) (x – 3) (x – 2) (x + 3)



A. then it 3, and 2

Step-by-step explanation:

edg 2021

Hey there!!

Given equation :

... x² + 5x - 6

... x² + 6x - x - 6

... x ( x + 6 ) - 1 ( x + 6 )

... ( x - 1 ) ( x + 6 ) is the answer.

Hope my answer helps!!

The scale of a square map indicates that each inch on the map corresponds to 5 miles. Write an expression that describes the area of land shown on the map. If the map is 8 inches on one side, what is the area of land shown on the map.


If x is the number of inches then the area is A = (5x)^2
So if x is 8 the area is (5*8)^2 = 1600 square miles