the total of camper were 195 and the boy camper and girl camper was 8:7 how many girl camper and how many boy campers


Answer 1
Answer: 8:7 boy to girl ratio
8x + 7x = 15x
15x = 195
x = 13
Boys = 8x

8*13 = 104 boys
Answer 2
Answer: 104 BOYES:91 GIRLS
this because you do 8+7=15

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0.4 greater or less than 0.41


0.4  is exactly  0.01  less than  0.41 .
0.40 is less than 0.41

Unless it is a trick question and 0.4 was rounded down from a larger number then this should be the correct answer.

3x + 9 > -18 A. Translate the inequality into written language.
B. Find the solution set of x and describe how you would graph it on a number line.



The written form would be "Nine more than three times a number is greater than -18.

Step-by-step explanation:

To graph it, you must first solve for x.

3x + 9 > -18

3x > -27

x > -9

Now we can graph this by putting an open dot at -9 and then drawing an arrow to the right.

Two spherical balloons are filled with water. The first balloon has a radius of 3 cm, and the second has a radius of 6 cm.How much more water is in the larger balloon than in the smaller balloon?
Use 3.14 to approximate pi, and express your answer in the hundredths.



You use the volume formula for a sphere, or V=4/3*pi*r³;
so the first balloon (3cm) has a volume of 113.1.
The second balloon (6cm) has a volume of 904.78.
Therefore, you do 904.78-113.1, getting 791.68 cm³

The answer is: 791.28

The measure of an angle is 28° greater than its complement. Find the measure of each angle.


The answer for this questions is 23/30 sorry wrong answer 

this is WRONG sorry

Find the volume of the composite figure. please!


cut it up
left rectangle and right rectangle
left recgnale is 2 height, 3 width 6 legnth
right rectangle is 2 height 2 width and 4 legnth

add them 36+16=52ft^2

5. we can't se how widt the small right side is because you didn't capture that



Step-by-step explanation:

15.60 to 11.70 percent of change


15.6 - 11.7 = 3.9

3.9 ÷ 15.6 = .25

25% of change