Who of the following was NOT a European religious reformer?Luther




Answer 1
Answer: It would be "Robertson," who was not a European religious reformer, at least not on the same level as Luther and Calvin, since these two ushered in eras of massive reform. 
Answer 2

The correct answer is C. Robertson

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The powers that each branch of government has allows them to check up on other branches, and prevents them from abusing their power. This is know as which principle? A.) Articles of ConfederationB.) Checks and BalancesC.) Bill of RightsD.) Constitutional Convention
Which statement about changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution is true? A.Many people moved from farms and small towns to cities to find employment in textile factories.B.Agriculture was the first part of the economy transformed by machines.C.More people became subsistence farmers or self-employed craftsmen than in earlier times.D.Industrialization did not take place in countries that had representative governments.
Why do some people argue that the federal bureaucracy is undemocratic?what is the opposing argument
How did the United States justify its takeover of the Philippines?
Describe the three ways the Framers of the Constitution divided the responsibilities of governing in order to limit the power of government.

WILL AWARD BRAINLIEST TO RIGHT ANSWERWhich Portuguese noble helped improve navigational tools and ships to help promote exploration


Prince Henry is the right answer
Prince Henry since he had the early influence within around the early of his times plus his father was wealthy man which also alters him to do things fasterĀ 

Which is the biggest flaw in the articles of confederation


Canada never really became together

Which statements describe the Persian Empire?Choose all answers that are correct.



Satraps were appointed to govern the provinces.


The Persians conquered Greece in a series of devastating wars.


All subject peoples had to practice the Persian religion.


Darius I made use of good ideas from the lands he conquered.


I believe B) The Persians conquered Greece in a series of devastating wars.


A.) Satraps were appointed to govern the provinces.

D.) Darius I made use of good ideas from the lands he conquered.


WARNING: The above answer is incorrect! This is what caused me to fail my unit test.

I reviewed the correct answers afterward and can confirm these are 100% correct ^-^

Why did james madison promise to add a bill of rights to the constitution?


The original Constitution (proposed in 1787 in Philadelphia) contained very few individual rights guarantees. In the ratification debate, Anti-Federalists (later Jeffersonians) opposed to the Constitution, complained that the new system threatened liberties, and said that if the delegates had cared about protecting individual rights, they would have included provisions. In the end Federalists agreed to take up the matter of a series of amendments, to be called the Bill of Rights.



Why is James Madison known as the "Father of the Constitution?"

Question 19 options:

He was the first to sign the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

He was the President during the beginning the Constitution and Bill of Rights

He was the only writer of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

He was the leader in drafting and promoting the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Which of these was the site of a major naval battle A. Tokyo C. Iwo Jima D. Leyte Gulf


Leyte Gulf was the site of a major naval battle. Thus, option D is the correct option.

What was the Invasion of Leyte and the Battle of Leyte Gulf?

With more than 200,000 naval forces engaged, the Battle of Leyte Gulf was both the greatest naval engagement of World War II and, by some measures, the largest naval engagement in history. The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and combined American and Australian forces engaged in combat from October 23 to October 26 in waters close to the Philippine islands of Leyte, Samar, and Luzon as part of the invasion of Leyte, which sought to cut off Japan from the Southeast Asian colonies it had occupied, a crucial source of industrial and oil supplies.

The imbalance in power was highlighted by the fact that by the time of the engagement, Japan possessed fewer major ships (battleships and aircraft carriers) than all of the Allied troops combined in the Pacific.

Learn more about the Battle of Leyte Gulf here:




i think the answer is d.Leyte gulf


What is a feature of the Crossroads region?



its hometo the state capitol