Which verb form correctly completes the sentence? The next day, Kimberly ______ out of bed, excited to go snowmobiling again.


had sprung




Answer 1
Answer: The correct answer would be D, 'sprang', because the conjugation of the verb to spring goes: spring - sprang - sprung; it is an irregular verb, so springed and spranged are not options. In be, past perfect tense is unnecessary, so D is correct. 
Answer 2

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What does orbited mean


Orbited means to go around something in a full circle. For example, the Moon orbits the Earth. This means that the Moon orbits around the Earth.

Hope it helps :)

PLEASE HELP ME!Is the sentence compound, or is it simple with a compound verb?

The happy children swam and splashed in the shallow pool for two hours.

A. simple sentence with a compound verb

B. compound sentence


the answer is B. Compound sentence
compound i think im really not sure we just learned about this so i think i am right 

Which is the adverbial phrase in the sentence? Big and little children merrily splashed in the swimming pool, and everyone laughed joyfully.


Big and little children 

Big and Little Children

Which of the following words best describes the relationship between Mr. and Mr. Watson? A. Secretive
B. Serious
C. Burdensome
D. Supportive


I think it's either C or D but i think it's d
I think it would be B, serious

The crew dismantled the dogloos and brought all the animals back on board because they were afraid that the ice would break under the dogs. Problem:_____________Solution:_____________


Dogs in life threatening situation
Remove dogs from ice

Which of these is the best example of metaphor? A. Each snowflake was a diamond. B. Emeralds have less beauty then her eyes. C. The ring glistened in the sun. D. Mina is a platinum blonde.


Mina is a platinumblonde. is the best example of metaphor. The correct option is D.

What is metaphor?

A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes one thing by comparing it to something else that is unrelated but shares similar characteristics or qualities.

It is often used to create vivid and imaginative descriptions that help to clarify or illustrate a particular point or idea.

Option D is the best example of metaphor because it directly compares Mina to a platinum blonde, implying that Mina possesses qualities that are similar to those associated with platinum, such as rarity, value, or beauty.

A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes one thing in terms of another, unrelated thing, in order to create a comparison that helps to clarify or illustrate a particular point.

Options A, B, and C, are examples of simile, hyperbole, and literal description, respectively, and not metaphor.

Thus, the correct option is D.

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A. Each snowflake was a diamond.