Explain the significance of the equation y = 50x + 20 which represents the hourly cost of a car repair.


Answer 1
Answer: The '20' is what it costs you to drive your car into the garage and say "Good morning", before they ever start working on it.  As you can see, the cost (y) is 20 even if the number of hours (x) is zero.

The '50' is the added cost for each hour a mechanic spends working on the car.
Answer 2
Answer: x is amount of hours 
y is a cost of repair which depends on amount of hours
for example: Car was repaird by 2 hours, so x=2 and cost of repair is y=50*2+20=120

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How many times does 20 go into 74??


about three times. Just divide 74 by 20 which is 3 but exactly it is 3.7. 
                        hoped it helped
20 goes into 74, 3.7 times, you have to divide 20 by 74

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421 divided by 27 with reminders


421 divided by 27 with remainders is equal to 15 remainders 16.

We have,

When dividing 421 by 27, we get a quotient of 15 and a remainder of 16.

The division can be expressed as:

421 รท 27 = 15 with a remainder of 16.

This means that 421 can be divided by 27 a total of 15 times, with a remaining value of 16.


421 divided by 27 with remainders is equal to 15 remainders 16.

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15 remainder 16

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1 out of 50.... u answer is in the question by the way

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