There are 25 servings in a 30.2-ounce jar of peanut butter. How many ounces of peanut butter are there in 1


Answer 1
Answer: There should be 1.208 ounces of peanut butter in one serving. Since we are finding how many ounces in a serving, we divide from 30.2. 30.2 divided by 25 should be 1.208 ounces. :) I hope this helped
Answer 2
Answer: First, you divide 30.2 by 25. I'm sure your teacher wouldn't mind if you used a calculator for something like that.

We get 1.208, which can be rounded to 1.2 or 1.21. I'll say 1.21 because I like the hundredths place. XD

Now we know that each of the 25 servings are about 1.21 ounces of peanut butter. If you want to check your work if you didn't use a calculator, you can say, well, 1.21x25 is 30.25, which is very, very close to 3.2, and since we rounded, we can be sure the answer is correct.

Hope I helped!

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There are 4 more girls in Mrs. Pitt's class than Mr. Brown's class.  Five girls moved from Mrs. Pitt's class to Mr. Brown's class.  Now there are twice as many girls in Mr. Brown's class as there are in Mrs. Pitt's.  How many girls were in Mr. Brown's class to begin with?
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Andrei has a glass tank. First, he wants to put in some marbles, each of which has a volume of 0.04 liters. Then, he wants to fill the tank with water until it's completely full. If he uses 50 marbles, he will have to add 33 liters of water. What is the volume of the tank?


Answer: 35 liters

Step-by-step explanation:

Volume of 1 marble = 0.04 Liters

volume of 50 marbles = 50 x 0.04 liters = 2 liters

volume of water added =  33 liters ( Given)

Volume of tank = Volume of water + Volume of 50  marbles

                          =      33 liters + 2 liters

                          =    35 liters

Help Meh por FavorWhich ranges describe the cluster in the scatter plot?

Choose EXACTLY TWO answers that are correct.

between 6 and 12 years of experience

between $40,000 and $60,000

between 4 and 8 years of experience

between $10,000 and $60,000



option: A and Option: B are correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given a scatter plot we are asked to find which of the given statements hold true such that it's ranges describe the cluster in the scatter plot.

Clearly from the scatter plot we could see that:

The most of the points are between 6-12 years of experience in the scatter plot.

also the earnings are between $40,000 and $60,000 that covers most of the data.

Hence, option A. ( A.  between 6 and 12 years of experience) and Option B ( B.

between $40,000 and $60,000 ) are correct.

A. between 6 and 12 years
D. between 10000 and 60000

What's the answer to 45/9


It's 5.. if you're dividing those two from each other 

What is 5m+6+m-18=60


5m+6+m-18=60That's a linear equation in 'm '. There's only one number that 'm' can be
that makes the equation true. The assignment is usually to find out what
that number is.

Before we get carried away and confuse ourselves, let's do some work
on the left side, and try to make it simpler.

Do you see that ' 5m ' and that ' +m ' ?  We can combine them, and write ' 6m '.

Do you see that ' +6 ' and that ' -18 ' ? We can combine those, and write ' -12 '.

Now the equation is much simpler:

6m - 12 = 60

Add 12 to each side:

6m = 72

Divide each side by 6 :

m = 12  

5m + 6m - 18 = 60 combine like terms
11m - 18 = 60 subtract from both sides
-18 -18

11m = 78 divide 11

m = 7. 0909.....
round to.. = 7.1

Please help!
I dont know how to work these problems-


29. It is discrete because you cant have a part of a marble, only a whole marble

30. This is continuous because you can have a portion of a year.

31. This is continuous because time can be broken down into smaller intervals

32. This is discrete because you cant have a part of a team. x values between the given ones would give you a fraction of a team.

33. In this graph, the line is not continuous. Therefore, because there is no point at 2.5, 2.5 is not in the domain.

34. Even though the graph ends at x=6, all possible values of x between 0-6 are accounted for, making the line continuous. So, the line is continuous.

a. To find the domain, we have to solve for b first by making m=0. So, 0=55-8.5b
-55 = -8.5b, which is 55/8.5, or 110/17
So, the domain is 0<=x<=(110/117)
This is a discrete line because you can only have whole numbers for "b" because you can only buy whole books
b.(cant really graph it on here :P  )
c. When x = 0, y = 55, and when x = 110/117, y = 0. So the range is 0<=y<=55

a. Because there is no limit to the function, the domain is x>=0. The function is continuous because the time can be broken down into smaller intervals
b. (cant really graph it on here :P )
c. The range is y>=0 because the least x can be is 0, but it can keep increasing.

a. This does represent a linear function because the distance increases by .434 miles at every interval (every 2 seconds)
b. The domain would be t>=0 because you can't have negative time, but you can wait infinitely long. This should be continuous because time and distance can be broken down into smaller intervals.
c. (cant really graph it on here :P )
d. The smallest t can be is 0, and when t=0, d=0. Because domain is infinite, range is also infinite. Therefore the range is d>=0

a. It is linear because there is an 'x' input and 'y' output and there are no exponents in either variable.
b. x can equal 0, and it can be infinite. So, the domain is x>=0. It is discrete because you cant have a partial service, only a whole.
c. (cant really graph it on here :P )
d. When x=0, y=30. Because domain is infinite, range is also infinite. Therefore the range is y>=30

a. If you subtract 61.20 from 71.40, you can see that every hour, the earnings increase by 10.20 dollars. Therefore, the missing value is 61.20-10.20, or 51.00
b. Every hour you get 10.20.

a. This is not a linear function. This is because the function breaks at t=5, which should be 300 if it was following the original pattern, which was d=60t
When t=1, d=60
When t=3, d=180.
But, when t=5, in the function, it equals 300 while in actuality, it equals 300
b. He is correct because if Car A is still following the function, it would have only gone 300 miles, while Car B had gone 310 miles.

Hope this helped!! Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you're still having some trouble!! :D

What 97.645 rounded to the nearest tenth



The tenth digit is 6. The digit after that is 4, and it is not up to 5, so we round it down. If it was up to 5 or more we would have added 1 more to the 6 to become 7, but since it is not up to we leave the 6 that way. 

97.645 ≈ 97.6  rounded to the nearest tenth.
The tenth digit is 6. The number after it is 4. So the 6 stays the same. It is 97.6