What is the correct classification of a mixture in which both a solid and a liquid are visible?A.a homogeneous mixture and a solution
B.a homogeneous mixture and a suspension
C.a heterogeneous mixture and a solution
D.a heterogeneous mixture and a suspension


Answer 1

Answer is: D.a heterogeneous mixture and a suspension.

Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture (solute particles do not dissolve), that contains solid particles (for example nickel sulfide or NiS) sufficiently large for sedimentation.  

The internal phase (solid nickel sulfide) is dispersed throughout the external phase (water).

Another example of a suspension is sand in water.  

Answer 2
Answer: It would be D.a heterogeneous mixture and a suspension hope this helps

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It is Compress.
It is the answer I learned.

compress is the correct answer hope that helps

Why are chemical changes considered “unseen”?


When an element undergoes a chemicalchange, the alterations occur within the atoms of the cell itself.

What is a chemical change?

Chemicalchanges occur when one substance combines with another to form a new substance, which is known as chemical synthesis, or when two or more different substances combine to form a new substance, which is known as chemicaldecomposition.

These processes are known as chemical reactions, and they are generally irreversible except through further chemical reactions.

One can understand and explain the way the natural world works by observing chemical reactions.

Chemical reactions convert food into fuel for the body, cause fireworks to explode, cause food to change when cooked, cause soap to remove grime, and many other things.

Chemical changes are considered unseen because the alterations made within an element during a chemicalchange occur within the atoms of the cell itself.

Thus, the the chemicalchange is unseen.

For more details regarding chemical changes, visit:



The correct answer here is that the reason chemical changes can be considered unseen, is because the alterations made within an element when it undergoes a chemical change occurs within the very atoms of the cell itself. In contrast with this, a physical change (such as a solid changing to a liquid through melting) does not change the element itself, but just it's physical form, so this can be seen easily to the human eye.

Is boiling water a chemical reaction?


No boiling water is not a chemical change it would be a physical change
no it is a physical change

(Science and 15 points) Which of the following processes produces food?A. Excretion
B. Photosynthesis
C. Reproduction
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The answer is B. Photosynthesis

The answer to you question is B (photosynthesis) because it transfers light into food.

Which type of fire is sometimes set as a way to protect a forest?



Surface fire


  • Surface fires are type of forest fires that may burn primarily as a surface fire, spreading along the ground as the surface litter and undergrowth on the forest floor and is engulfed by the spreading flames.
  • They are the easiest fires to put out and cause the least damage to the forest. Surface fires create the least amount of destruction.
  • These fires protects the forest by releasing the nutrients that would otherwise decompose slowly, having little benefit to the ecosystem.
  • Additionally, these fires allow more open spaces for new and different kinds of vegetation to grow and receive sunlight.

Which definition is correct


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