Which word correctly completes the sentence? The scientists tracked several __________ flight paths. A. geeses B. geeses C. geeses


Answer 1
Answer: The scientists tracked several geeses flight paths.otherwise we can rewrite the sentence as "several geeses flight paths tracked by the scientists"

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Which element is only found in an email and not in friendly or business letters? body salutation signature subject line
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Which word correctly completes the sentence? The white-tailed __________ fawn followed closely by her side.  A.deer's  B.deers  C.deers'
I wish i could go to....... i need five sentences for this question

Which statement expresses this situation using the subjunctive mood?


where is the statement

Which phrase best describes the location of on a number line? A. at 4/1/2

B. closer to 4 than to 5

C. closer to 5 less than to 4

D. at 5/5/9


B, closer to 4 than 5
The answer is b, it is closer to 4 than 5

........she like the last film?a) do b) did c) rede d) run e) running

I've got.... orange but I haven't got..... biscuits.
a) some,any b) any,any c) some,some d) any,some e) a,an



B.) DID she like the last film?

Did is past tense of Do. Last film is a hint that the event happened in the past or has passed.

I've got SOME orange but I haven't got ANY biscuits.

Choice a.) SOME, ANY

Some is used in a positive sentences together with countable or uncountable nouns.

Any is used in negative sentences.

What motivates the characters to donate clothes?A) The clothes in the thrift store are ruined by fire damage.

B) The clothes in the thrift store are ruined by water damage.

C) The students want the owners to help them find soccer uniforms.

D) The characters want the owners to help them find soccer equipment.





Im 99% sure it B, but don't hold it against me if im wrong

What does the phrase "his voice was hollow" mean?


Well, "hollow" means like a void, or empty. So he said it without meaning or intention. It was just a statement, it was without meaning.

Please i need help this is hard for me


Yes it is a strong statement because it helps entusiazse ideas togetger
Yes it is a strong argument because its very true. Thibk about if he world read pictures and start there