What causes some animal to hibernate?


Answer 1
Answer: Hibernation is the animal's way of adaptation in order to beable conserve energy by staying inactive and lowering its physical activity inpreparation for future purposes say for example a bad weather.  Other animals also hibernate in preparationfor a long drought or scarcity of food. They tend to consume a lot of foodbefore the scarce and will use the accumulated energy during the drought whenthere will be no more food to eat. It is a way of recharging themselves.

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What is the complete subject of the sentence? The laughing child ran quickly through the crowded playground. A. The laughing child B. laughing child C. the crowded playground D. ran quickly
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Jenna's name was announced and she climbed the stairs to the stage. As she looked out to her friends and family, her eyes glistened with tears. "My fellow classmates", she began as the flash of cameras lit up her face.Which of these is a explicit detail from the text? A. Jenna received a award. B. Jenna walked onto the stage. C. Jenna is upset. D. Jenna's family is taking her picture.
Which transition creates the most cohesion between thesentences?FurthermoreMoreoverFor exampleFinally
What is the best way to punctuate this sentence.go do your homework now

Can u make sentence of each word using circumstances and constraint?
Definition are below


1.The circumstances proved that there had been an obvious constraint of the human rights at school that day.2. Her parents should not give up on her under the given circumstances.3. Circumstances can be aggravating facts in legal terms. Circumstances are facts to be taken into account in law.4. Constraint is a denial of the concept of freedom.
i only know how to say the first one in a sentence 
so in this circumstance i will have to tell you*

Need help plz help me Which sentence is not correctly punctuated?

Carol is a musician; her brother is an artist.

The play's plot was realistic but the dialogue was hard to follow.

I bought a model airplane kit yesterday, but I can't start on it until tomorrow.

It's starting to rain; I think I'll close the windows.


the answer to your question is b
the questions answer is B 

Like a ghost, the child passed through the neighborhood unseen. She was the perfect hunter. Her course of direction seemed to be like a winding snake - going in all directions. At last, the child stated, “I’ve got the treasure chest in my sights.” Ding dong. Ding dong. She rang the doorbell countless times. That’s when she noticed it - a small mark of the raven right above the door’s peephole. As it dawned on her what such a mark symbolizes, the door slowly creaked open to reveal a hand that was like ice *Which sentences are idioms, personification, hyperbole, metaphor, imagery, and symbolism


Like a ghost- simile. Like a winding snake- simile. Ding dong- onomatopoeia. Like ice- simile.

Sample a letter to your younger brother who has indicated interest in attending a technical school, educating him on the benefits of technical and vocational education. 450 words



Dear Andrian,

So nice to here, and that you have an interest in attending a technical school finally. I always wanted to see you becoming an Engineer, and that is just not because of status and hence dignity that you can attain through it. My main concern is the lack of sincerity shown by our younger generation towards studies, and the condition is even worse for higher education, and only a small cluster of kids are showing interest in it. And I was concerned about you hence, as my prospects go through you. You have been my past, my present, and my upcoming prospects. And I know I don't need to build a company anymore for you. As our government is already working to cater the jobs to all new aspirants. But, the biggest issue was Its the 21st century and AI, ML, DL, and data Science has started showing its effect on our daily life. Can you survive in this world, without the best level of technical education hence? Will you be able to live an independent life without higher education? Will you be able to cater to the demands of the 21st-century requirements of our country? And will you be a happy person by the end of each day. I was hence horrified when you adopted for the work rather than higher technical education.

Any brother will be happy if his younger brother starts earning, and at your age even if he shows concern to save money. And on that note, you have always won my heart. Though if you will not do even anything, you will remain the same for me. But you choose the correct path, and that has made my job quite easy to clap for you right from my heart. And now you are ready for the higher technical education as well. I must say Andrian, you have made my life successful, and this is nothing less than a lifetime achievement award for me.

Now you will know soon how new technology works, and how to study them. You will come to know about all that is happening in the technical world. And it's a big domain, you will soon find. However, it is necessary.

Gone are those days when a commerce graduate was able to survive without technology. It's not possible now. You need technical education, and also vocational education. I know you have been earning, and quite well as well as for the country. You are the powerhouse of the nuclear reactor where you are working. However, vocational education will give you more options, and on occasions when you will look for a job change. But the biggest help is you learn all those jobs as well, and know the world hence in full finally. Jesus used to have the whole world in his heart. And I want you to do the same. I want you to save a plane from crashing if the plane staffs are unable to, or save WTC from any threats if all the security has failed. And I want you to make a beginning for such enlightenment, and other kids will soon follow you. And that is what is going to make the 21st century. God bless you, Andrian.

You are the best.

Yours lovingly,



I feel details in answer section will do good.

A splitting headache can wreck a person's entire evening. is there a verb phrase



Splitting and wreck

“A splitting headache can wreck a person’s entire evening.”

Is a verb phrase.

At the beginning of A Christmas Carol, the narrator states, "No beggars implored him to bestow a trifle, no children asked him what it was o'clock, no man or woman ever once in all his life inquired the way to such and such a place, of Scrooge." What does this show about the way strangers feel about Scrooge and treat him?

People respect Scrooge so they dare not intrude upon his privacy by speaking to him.

People ignore Scrooge because he does not carry a watch and has a poor sense of direction.

People do not bother Scrooge because they know he has many problems of his own.

People avoid Scrooge because they see him as mean and they fear him.


the answer is D.People avoid Scrooge because they see him as mean and they fear him. 
you wouldn't want to bother someone that you find that is mean.
Other Questions
What theme is common to the two excerpts below? . . . His theory of running until he reached camp and the boys had one flaw in it: he lacked the endurance. Several times he stumbled, and finally he tottered, crumpled up, and fell. When he tried to rise, he failed. He must sit and rest, he decided, and next time he would merely walk and keep on going. As he sat and regained his breath, he noted that he was feeling quite warm and comfortable. He was not shivering, and it even seemed that a warm glow had come to his chest and trunk. And yet, when he touched his nose or cheeks, there was no sensation. Running would not thaw them out. Nor would it thaw out his hands and feet. Then the thought came to him that the frozen portions of his body must be extending. He tried to keep this thought down, to forget it, to think of something else; he was aware of the panicky feeling that it caused, and he was afraid of the panic. But the thought asserted itself, and persisted, until it produced a vision of his body totally frozen.(Jack London, To Build a Fire)Presently the boat also passed to the left of the correspondent with the captain clinging with one hand to the keel. He would have appeared like a man raising himself to look over a board fence, if it were not for the extraordinary gymnastics of the boat. The correspondent marvelled that the captain could still hold to it.They passed on, nearer to shore—the oiler, the cook, the captain—and following them went the water-jar, bouncing gayly over the seas.The correspondent remained in the grip of this strange new enemy—a current. The shore, with its white slope of sand and its green bluff, topped with little silent cottages, was spread like a picture before him. It was very near to him then, but he was impressed as one who in a gallery looks at a scene from Brittany or Algiers.He thought: "I am going to drown? Can it be possible? Can it be possible? Can it be possible?" Perhaps an individual must consider his own death to be the final phenomenon of nature."(Stephen Crane, The Open Boat)
As Malvolio grows more and more upset when he is locked in a dark room, Sir Toby says, "I would we were well rid of this knavery." What does this show about Sir Toby? A. He thinks that Malvolio really has gone mad, and he's proud of himself. B. He thinks the joke they've played on Malvolio has gone too far, and he regrets it. C. He thinks that Malvolio is only pretending to be distraught, and he's annoyed. D. He thinks that Malvolio must be let out of the room so that he can attend to important business.Which theme does the subplot involving Sir Andrew help convey? A. A trusted friend can often help resolve an important conflict. B. One shouldn't think too much or too little of oneself. C. The path to true love is full of difficulties and obstacles. D. It is best to always take one's own actions and the actions of others very seriously. Which event contributes to the resolution of the play's main conflict? A. Malvolio falls in love with Olivia. B. Viola falls in love with Duke Orsino. C. Olivia falls in love with Cesario. D. Viola stops pretending to be Cesario. Why does Sebastian's arrival in Illyria further confuse several characters in Twelfth Night? A. Sebastian is dressed as a woman, so he looks just like Viola. B. Sebastian dresses in yellow stockings, cross-gartered, like Malvolio. C. Sebastian looks just like Cesario. D. Sebastian immediately falls in love with Viola. Why does Sir Andrew make a fool out of himself in Twelfth Night? A. He lets other characters talk him out of wise decisions. B. He is trying to show other characters how they are being foolish. C. His love for Olivia blinds him to the truth. D. He hopes that his ridiculous behavior will win Olivia's heart. Which sentence best describes Sir Toby? A. He's a careless thief. B. He's a jolly prankster. C. He's an honorable knight. D. He's a devoted uncle. Why does Olivia say "Heaven restore thee!" to Malvolio when she encounters him quoting Maria's letter and dressed in yellow stockings, cross-gartered? A. She thinks he has fallen in love with Maria. B. She thinks he has gone mad. C. She think he has changed his selfish ways. D. She thinks he has offended Duke Orsino.